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  1. Picked me up a new .45 yesterday at the local gun shop with a 50 count box of ammo for $176. The Ammo is MagTech 230 gr.
    Shot the gun 20 times so far with no problems.

    This is personal protection due to my job carrying me into some tough parts of different towns here in the southeast. I'm more than likely gonna buy my wife (me :D ) a 9mm or .40 to put in the bed side table for her to use if need be. I'll probably pick it up Monday or Tuesday.

    Which would you guys recommend ?

    A pic of the new one !
  2. Welcome and congrats on the new purchase. I would recomend the C9. Ammo is pretty cheap so you and your wife can practice alot and recoil isn't bad.

  3. A - sweet gun.

    B - great pic.

    C - sweet gun.

    and D - if this is for personal protection you need to break it in / qualify it before committing it to keeping watch. 200 rounds isn't too few. Every one of mine, all brands, got 500 flawless before it gets entered into rotation. I didn't feed JHP's through it the whole time - that could get VERY expensive. I did basic FMJ's, 2 boxes or so, then a box of JHP, then alternated. So set process, so variation - BUT in the end I had quite a few rounds down range.

    One thing I also do..... Every 3 weeks or so on the way home from somewhere, I'll drop by the range, get all set up and draw /shoot I like I needed to. ALL should go well - if it doesn't, good thing it happened at the range and I can problem solve.
  4. What Holster do you guys prefer, I haven't found one yet to fit this gun locally. The Gun shop is supposed to have some in tomorrow or Monday.
  5. Congrats on the purchase, as far as your wife, can she handle the recoil of a .40 S&W? As far as defense, I would prefer it, but if she could not shoot it the 9mm would be the best choice.
  6. Harley, I used to live in Moultrie... back in the late 90's early 2k's.... Small world.

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the .45!
  7. +1
  8. Fobus for the C9, no clue on the .45...
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    FOr the .45 Glaco makes a Matrix holster, plastic paddle type. I like mine.
  10. great gun, I would get you wife a 9. my wife likes the .380 and the C9
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    I recommend the C9. However, has your wife done any shooting?
    Can she handle a 9mm or maybe try the 380. C9s shoot very nice but the 380 is the same size and the round is lighter on recoil. But ammo cost more for the 380 than it does the 9mm.
    Just a thought.
  12. Here you go - here's a holster

    and here's the magazine pouches:

    I've bought a couple of things from them, and they're FASTTTTTT. Shipping's included too. Fits .40 and .45

    *Not my company, not my listing, etc.*
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    A fine gun. Ive got one exactly like it that Ive had for two years and it
    has been 100 percent(no malfunctions) since Hi Point sent me a new
    magazine about a week after I got it. It wouldnt deal with HP's at first
    so they sent me a replacement plus an extra mag for my trouble. Since
    then Ive probably put more that 1000 rounds through it without a hiccup