New Hi-point Owner: Bolt Will Not Lock Back

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by IIMoses740II, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I have purchased my first Hi-point carbine today in .45 ACP. I finished assembling everything not too long ago and I'm already running into a problem. Everytime I've held one in a shop, I always could get the bolt to lock back on an empty magazine. This has not been the case with the one I now own. I've tried even loading a single round into the magazine and ejecting it but still I cannot lock the bolt back.

    I thought that maybe I did not have the operator bolt screwed in tight enough to get the charging handle close enough to the breech but I could not get it any tighter no matter what I tried and from what I can tell from Youtube videos that I have seen, there is supposed to be a bit of free room for the charging handle (correct?).

    I apologize if this has already been covered on this forum but I have googled this and searched on the forum and have come up dry. I have checked the instructions and have also found no solution.

    Thank you for your time
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    Is this a new gun and are you using factory mags?

  3. I believe the last generation ones did not have last round hold open. You can always send it to mom, they will fix or repair all the parts free of charge. (well, still have to pay for shipping)
  4. I have a 4095ts, and I thought the same thing until I shot it for the first time!! You probably haven't fired it yet, and I'll bet it will work after emptying a magazine. Don't know why they operate that way, but they do. The charging knob acts as the hold open if needed. Just push it in at its furthest travel.
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    If its moving far enough back to lock open with the charging handle knob then the lrho should be engaging with a empy mag inserted. Mother should probably take a look at it, youll have to do without it for a week or to and pay shipping and handling but youll get a free mag out of it
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    lwb995 - It's new and I used the factory magazines that came with it.

    Tuquala - That's reassuring to hear. Indeed, I have not fired it yet and I just picked it up yesterday. As long as it locks back after the last round is fired, then I should be okay with that. I just know that I never had this problem with any of the models at one of the local gun shops around here, so it still concerns me.

    TheKillerBean - I repeated ejecting rounds from the magazines last night and did manage to get the bolt to lock back once...but only once out of, from what I can remember, five attempts. Since it did lock back, I would imagine that it's not one of the earlier models that you spoke about.

    TheKillerBean, deymorin - I take it by "mother" you two mean Hi-point itself. I did figure that I would have to pay for shipping but thanks for the heads up about the free magazine.

    Thanks for the responses. Obviously, I should wait till I can shoot it before making a decision on what to do from here.
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    All of the new carbines have the LRHO lever that is pressed up by the magazine follower. I don't have access to a camera at present to take photos of the parts.

    Try locking the bolt open and look through the ejection port. The LRHO lever is on the left hand side and is spring loaded. Insert an empty magazine in and the mag follower should push The LRHO lever up.

    If the LRHO lever is not pushed up by the empty mags follower. Either the mag follower is not coming up high enough to activate the LRHO lever. The LRHO lever is stuck, bent or otherwise damaged in some way. Or the coresponding tab that is riveted to the Breech bolt is the issue.

    If you are not interested in troubleshooting the cause of the LRHO problem you may want to send it to Hi-Point for service.

    BTW I had the same problem with one of my HP pistols.

    My problem was an LRHO lever that was binding. And not allowing the Mag follower to push the LRHO lever fully up.

    A drop of CLP on the pivot point of the Pin that holds the LRHO lever in plus activating the LRHO lever with a empty mag about 20 times solved my problem.

    On the 4595TS that pin and pivot point is only accessable by removing the Receiver cover.

    Also I put a drop of CLP on this pivot point every time I clean my HP pistols and carbines. And the LRHO lever has always worked 100%.

    Good Luck,

  8. Hi-Points are (one of) the only arms that seem to get better and better with use.

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    +1. You could just shoot the hell out of it to loosen everything up instead. :D
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    can't figure out HP's ability to heal itself. :cantlook:
  11. +1 to what these guys have told you!
    HOWEVER-- Do not hand cycle live rounds!! The firing pin is the ejector and you may get a ND!
    If you must hand cycle, use snap caps.
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    +5. nice catch. i wasn't positive on carbines.