NEW...Hi Point P9 9mm Pistol

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  1. Anyone have any photos of the new Hi Point P9 9mm pistol? When will it be available?
  2. I'll bite: since I haven't heard of this one, what are the rumors? This doesn't match anything we heard before the Shot Show, that I can recall.

  3. i have never hear HP p9. where did you hear that?
  4. 3 days late!!!!!!!!!!! :?:
  5. wtf, which cave you live in. 3days late. i spend 2 hours online try to fine p9...
  6. Yeah....I know 3 days late. But, like they say....better late than never.
  7. Dude.......epic fail. What are you, 8? :roll:

    You missed it. You have to wait another 12 months. Deal with it.
  8. Hey....I was joking. I wasn't trying to start a ruckus. If I made anyone mad I apologize.
  9. I dont think you made anyone mad, they are just picking on you :)

    There was an old saying when I was a kid. And I am NOT insulting you in any way......

    "April Fool's is gone and past..... Now who's the biggest fool at last?" :lol:
  10. No offense taken. All in good fun. :D
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    You talking about this P9? Hi-Points new one?

  13. How much does that thing cost? It looks cool.
  14. I almost started doing a search for a P9. When I first read the post...but luckly the boss walked in and I had to close the Internet. I guess he saved me some time. :)
  15. My god! You closed the internet! You must be Al Gore :lol:
  16. Internet is series of tubes....nat~
  17. Nah...just watched Live Free or Diehard...I figured if Gabriel could do it I could to. :)