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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by ohio06, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Hey all need some advice. Wanting to buy a cheap truck gun and a Hi point comes to mind. I have Glocks, 1911's ect but can't put a "good gun " behind the seat. Any way any advice for long term storage behind the seat ? The model I plan to get is the C9.
  2. moona11

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    So put your Glock behind the seat.

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    I use a HI Point for my car/motel gun. I keep a safe that is cabled and bolted to the vehicle. The HI Point rides in the console and if I have to leave the car it goes in the safe. At night it goes on the bedstand. I also carry on my person, but a smaller more compact handgun.
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    Now that's funny right there!
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    C9 (9mm), JCP (40 S&W), JHP (45 ACP) plus the CF 380, but why step down
    to that caliber in a big heavy HP? No good reason. IMO, get the biggest HP
    you can afford AMMO for, and enjoy! THEN Get the Carbine! :eek: :cool: ;)
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    why would you buy any gun to put in your truck, hi point or otherwise, if it's not a good gun?
    If you want to buy a bad handgun then Hi Points are not for you. Maybe a Jiminez or some late 70's soviet area eastern block used military surplus
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    No don't miss understand. What I mean by "good" gun is something that is in expensive enough that I don't worry about it being in the truck on a cold rainy night but it is going to be tough and reliable. Hence me choosing a Hi Point.
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    I enjoy Hi-Points for accurate target shooting as well as for road trips when a pistol could be stolen or confiscated by corrupt cops (think driving through Chicago). I've got more expensive items, and the H-Ps are just as reliable as their higher-priced counterparts.