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I just bought a new 380 and I was just wondering what ammo is the cheapest but still reliable? Also I am new to buying my own ammo and I was wondering what I should look for in terms of FMJ TMJ etc. I found some ammo online and they have either 380 ACP or 380 auto can I use either one? I dont want to use the wrong ammo and blow my gun apart and kill myself. I plan on taking some handgun classes once summer starts.
Thanks and this forum is great!

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Hi, my name is Broomhead and I am a Hi-Point addict.
Everyone said:
Hello Broomhead.
Welcome to our support group.
There are five steps in our program.
Step 1: Buy ammo and send it down range.
Step 2: Buy more Hi-Points.
Step 3: Laugh at all the Gun Snobs for paying way too much, then out shoot them at the range.
Step 4: Happily spread your addiction to others whenever possible.
Step 5:Repeat steps 1 through 4 endlessly.
Unfortunately, these are not steps to recovery.
There is no recovery.

My assistant, Leland, will be by to dole out the meds. :sleezy:

Go Here and read. A compilation of my own compiling.

As for ammo, I don't know if acp and auto are the same, or which is cheapest. FMJ means Full Metal Jacket, typically a target round, for punching holes in paper, aluminum cans, etc. JHP stands for Jacketed Hollow Point, a defensive round, for punching holes in bad guys. There are others but those are the two most common.

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First off: :welcome:

Secondly, you can use either 380 auto or 380 ACP as they are the same thing. ACP stands for "automatic colt pistol". Try feeding your CF380 mutliple types of rounds. My CF380 will eat anything I feed it but YMMV.


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remington brass or blazer aluminum have given me the least troubles in my 380 you may want to check out my feed ramp polishing thread
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