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  1. Hello again, it's been a while since I visited here. I found a great deal on a 995 classic chrome yesterday and was a,aged at the accuracy and how much fun it is to shoot. This guy had to for years in his safe and never shot it. It came with factory scope and sling. Great gun to have and I got my eye on the 4595 for $300!. I have some questions for you guys, what are these guns going for and are these considered "monkey Guns"?. Thanks for your time.
  2. planosteve

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    The 4595 will be a TS stock not a monkey gun as monkey's can't handle a 45. I will leave the description of the monkey guns to macho or cicpup as they are the monkey gun hoarders. By the way welcome back.

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    "Monkey Gun" is a term used to describe the 995 or 4095 Hi Point Classic. In the movie Planet of the Apes, there was a carbine used very similar to the HP Classic. The movie came out 10+ yrs before the HP Classic was released to the public, so who knows?
    There is a HP Classic Chrome on Armslist for $200 today? So your gun would be worth anywhere from $150-$250 maybe? The gun on Armslist has been there for a week with no sale yet? If I didn't already have 2, I would run over a get it!

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  4. cicpup

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    Says who? Just because they didn't make one doesn't mean they couldn't.

    I only have two monkey guns. Well three if you count my 4595. Ajole has way more than I do.

    Classic = Monkey Gun
    TS = AR Wanna Be
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    NE Utah
    Planet of the Apes used M1 carbines with some mods to the stock. No question, the HP is only called monkey gun because if you squint your eyes just right, it almost looks like that.
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    My comment was that a monkey (the animal) could not handle a 45. Sorry for the confusion. :D
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    Since there were no actual monkeys in Planet of the Apes (chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas) and since all three of those can shoot the crap out of a .45 (except maybe the orangutan, they were passives you know) and since nobody cares about some prehensile tailed tree rat (who can't even handle a .22lr without shooting a loved one) and since it's called "monkey gun" because it's owners are lazy and unimaginative as well as cheap and since....

    What the hell were we talking about?
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    Thank you for a good laugh.
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    Looking for something in a semi-auto lemur, perhaps?