new hp acp45 owner ... impressed!!!

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  1. been a shooter since i was 9 and have shot various rifles , shotguns , and the occasional revolver. traded a net book for my 1st 22 short revolver and it was ok until i couldn't find ammo lol. due to my job wanting us to carry now i started looking and had heard good things about hp. since everyone at work carries 9mm of different brands including hp, i looked for a 9mm at local shops and found them to be more expensive than a new 45. i gave 150.00 including the 10.00 background check. stopped at walmart for some steel 45 rounds for 16.00 and off to the range i go. took my 14yo as well since he has never really shot a gun before. shot 50 rounds with all 50 firing. hit the target from 15-20 yards prob 38 times. he really enjoyed it and so did i. plan on getting another for the house. just in case. yes its a little big and bulky but does the job well for cheap. feels better and more substantial than my co-workers guns. s&w , glock. hp 4 life
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    they are simple, reliable, and AFFORDABLE. now you can work towards the 45 carbine, same ammo and same magazines...

  3. the moron at the shop i bought it at tried to talk me out of it. oh you don't want a HP i think you need this Taurus. or S&W. told him i didn't want to spend 500 on a gun and he said he wouldn't own a cheap gun.

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    Padded suspenders to hold your britches up should have been in the box. :p Ma is the best place to get extra mags.
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    Can always spot a salesman working for commission.

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    I have carried a JHP all day. That booger is heavy!
  7. Welcome. I'm getting used to my JHP.45ACP, I am sure you will enjoy. It is the only handgun I own now for a carbine same caliber.
  8. lol heavy for sure.

    was gonna shoot today and was loaded up. been snowing a few days. about ran off the road so i guess it will be a few days
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    Well that's what you get for trying to load and drive.... ;)
  10. nah not that good yet lol

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    Really if you open carry on the job the $299 SD9VE or SD40VE are high capacity, dependable, thinner, and lighter. Also come with 2 mags
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    sounds like this guy needs a new gun shop
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    I have LGS's I shop at.
    I have LGS's that I stop & look, maybe pick up some ammo or accessories.
    Then, I have LGS's that I don't shop - stop - or visit at all!
  14. took her out today and had some issues. full to half loaded mag 1st round wouldn't load into battery. same ammo as last time. same clip. always 1st round. rest of mag fired and loaded perfect. 8x10 target from 25 yards , all 13 rounds hit dead on. any ideas?
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    Welcome to the lower priced world of HP and yes do yourself a big favor and get an HP 4595TS, same mags,ammo and a fun little to carbine have.

    When the gun store owner asked me why I was buying my JHP i explained the people I was going to defend myself from used them and the magazines and ammo I'd get off them would save me money....he rang me up and didn't say another word......

    Your going to run into a lot of gun snobs just ignore them and you'll be ok.
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    My first round from full mags liked to hang up during the first trip out. I think that it is just the rough feed ramp needing to smooth out from repeated use. You'll notice when you look at it that it has the same powder coating as the rest of the pistol. That wears away over time.
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    Yup. But you don't want to hear it. Usually if it's constantly the first round it's often operator error. Often not letting the slide snap back hard enough to fully chamber it. There are a few tweaks to help though if you feel adventurous. With some fine emory cloth:

    1 - polish feed ramp
    2 - polish dolls head
    3 - polish slide rails
    4 - wrap it around a wooden skewer and run it through the firing pin channel.
    5 - clean & lube well. Especially slide rails & firing pin channel.

    Or just keep shooting it and it'll break in by itself.

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    He's from East TN. Probably used to flintlocks! ;) Damn, the 45's have the least amount of problems! Know anyone with a different mag? Both of my 45's even run the 14rd ProMags without a hiccup.

    Have you perfected your "sling shot" method? I am kind of thinking the same as cicpup.