New HP c9

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    my new c9. 200 rounds 2 ftf used cheap ammo so not guns fault. not bad for price. kinda like a glock with down syndrom but for $129.00 with 100 rounds and extra mag can't complain

  2. firerat

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    thanks i wasn't sure about getting one of these but for the price, how could i not! i have som houge grips on the way and will post picks once they arrive. going back to the range tomorrow to see what this gun like to eat and what it doesn't!
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    Good score pard.Have fun. :D
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    LOL :lol: That's good, I am going to use that. :lol:
  5. That would be a very decent price without the extra mag and the ammo -- with those included, it's an incredible deal. Congratulations!
  6. firerat

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    lol glad you liked it