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    New member here.

    Purchased a new C9 from Mary's Pistols in Tacoma WA on Friday the 16th. Got it with the HP Galco leather paddle holster for $185. Not the best price I've heard but not bad.

    Didn't have time to get on it until yesterday. Did the usual internal clean up and the J. Dalton magazine tune up.

    Took it to the range last night. Haven't fired a hand gun in probably 18 years and no long guns in even longer.

    This little C9 didn't miss a beat. Pull the trigger, C9 goes bang, sends round down range, and cycles for another shot. Firing 115 grain FMJ Federals from Walmart.

    First 2 images are at 15 feet. Last image is at 25 feet.

    This little guy is a keeper. :D


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    Welcome to the forum!.... Nice to have you here, and that the C9 was flawless!..

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    Welcome to the forum. C9's are very fun to shoot and very comfortable imo.

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    from the home state
    Hi Point
    Ohio State Buckeyes
    "National Football
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    Welcome! Fun guns. By far the best warranty service in the universe. Nice folks on this forum although occasionally somebody will get grumpy.

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  7. Hello and welcome. I'm pretty much in the same place as you. I hadn't owned a hand gun in years. I got to say, your shooting is better then mine. I defently need more range time. But damm it's fun to practice.