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    Man, I have been reading this forum non-stop for a few days, now. I really enjoy what you guys have done with your Carbines. I have to say a few years ago I was not impressed with the HP and I showed my gun-snobness. Being a police officer I had fallen into the mindset of "either it's a Glock or it's not". Now, I have put about 800 rounds through my 4095 and I love it. I would stake my life on this little baby. I have it set up just the way I want it and couldn't be happier. Today, I finished sighting in my Aimpoint M2 and I have a pic to show the results. This is common target tape and the distance was 25 yards. So the Gunny doesn't yell at me I have pictures. Thanks for all the info you guys share and a personal thanks for your understanding to the newbies. They need nurturing, not torturing. :lol:


  2. Welcome! Nice shootin', bikeman!

  3. Welcome Bikeman! I do believe you have that baby zeroed in.That sure is a nice piece of work.
    Sure like the looks with the light.If you can't see it you will never know where you hit it.
  4. Good job! I pity the poor burglar that picks your house...
  5. hey, welcome to the fold!
  6. Welcome. Good shooting.
  7. Welcome. What kind of scope is on there?
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    Welcome to the dark side, seriously, HP's look their best in black. :)
  9. Welcome, nice grouping! Looks like you can cover it with a quarter.
  10. Welcome!!! Nice shooting. The aimpoint is a nice touch.
  11. Welcome to the forum. You'll like it here.
  12. welcome to the forum
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    Sambo42xa, that is an Aimpoint M2. I have the same thing on my AR and I liked it so well I had bought another. So, when I got the HP I thought what better place to put it, instead of sitting on the shelf.
  14. Very nice piece......and $. Well, for me anyway. Looks good on the 995. Thumbs up!
  15. Cool, welcome aboard. The chat room is open all the time but gets used the most between 10:30-4:00 at night.