New!!!! I hope they make these

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    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!
  2. Glennfrank

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    Yeah a couple of these were posted right after the show - one of them was was just a folding pistol (no light or handle). I want one of each :)
    Too bad he says they aren't planning on marketing them (I am sure they will be made - but I doubt we will be able to get them)

  3. Yeah that is what I was thinking but it would be cool
  4. I could only watch with the sound off as I'm at work, but just looking at it made me drool :p
  5. laubert75

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    thats like the best thing for your car dude, awesome!
  6. 47_MasoN_47

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    Man that thing is awesome!! I want one of those to give to my girlfriend to keep in her purse. Nobody would ever guess she had a gun in there, just an odd shaped piece of black metal :)
  7. freedom

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    Cool. It would be nice if they manufactured those.
  8. They could even make different versions of them to fit other pistols. Man, that's such an awesome idea! We demand that you make them!!! :D

    EDIT: Found this article on it.

    Check out this quote: "By the way, counter to what's been stated by some folks on the web (on YouTube, specifically), I believe I remember Rich Fitzpatrick informing me (verbally) at the end of the show that MagPul does indeed intend to put the FMG into production in limited quantities as an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). We'll try to verify this."

    Hopefully this guy has a good memory :D
  9. Technically, wouldn't that be classified as a Short Barrel Rifle?
  10. Isn't that what the guy in the quote called it? Or am I missing something? :)
  11. hp4lyfe

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  12. Yeah, that about says it all. That gun has a cool factor of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.99999999999999999 *takes a breath* To times that much, power.....

    To say I like it is an understatement.
  13. seriously, I haven't drooled that much since you posted that pic of your new AR Primal :)
  14. Hey, I have my AR in the other room and I drooled just the same!!! No shame in that eqfan!
  15. elguapo

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    He did not mention it being a SBR, or anything else besides a prototype that they wont manufacture.
  16. Glennfrank

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    This is the pistol version with no handle/light I was talking about

  17. Elguapo, I was not talking about the video, but the link I posted to an article about the rifle. He specifically states that if they did manufacture it, it would be an SBR. I even placed the quote in my message. with the link :)