New JHP .45 first time out

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  1. I took my new JHP out today. I shot 50 rds of PMC Bronze at about 10 yards. So I was converted to a High-Pointer when I bought an older used C9 and was really impressed. I liked it so much I wanted more! The first mag out of the JHP was shooting high so I adjusted the elevation, cranked it about a turn and a half. After that I was shooting almost dead center and that's saying alot because I'm a lousy shot! The weight of the JHP makes the recoil very manageable. Its easy to quickly get back on target and it was in no way uncomfortable or hurt my hands. Even my dad with arthritis, who was hesitant to even shoot it, said it was very comfortable. I really like the adjustable sights and the last round hold open both of which my old C9 doesn't have. I did have two failure to feeds which I know is from the mag and I think if I give it a good smack on the bottom to get the rounds to seat right that it wont be an issue. So overall I freaking LOVE it and cant wait until I buy my next High-Point. I'm thinking the 4095 TS is next. Also I have a quick question I picked up a box of Federal aluminum .45 anybody have thoughts on that or know how their JHP likes them?
  2. Hey, SPCSierra,
    First off thanks for your service, from another old Vet!
    Glad to learn you were pleased with your new H-P .45, and I know the feeling, as I'm lucky enough to own 2 of them! (One is the old Stallard, predecessor to the current HI Points),
    I can tell you this, my two H-P .45s will stand toe-to-toe with any of my other .45s, (a Ruger P-90 and an Armscor 1911), accuracy and reliability wise, and I've found one handload that that they ALL seem to love, using a 200 Gr. lead SWC hand cast lead "boolit"! I'm crowding 80 years old, and I can shoot my Hi Points all day, with no complaints from the arthritis department. Since buying my first H-P Stallard, I've gone on to buy a total of 9 Hi Points, and love every one of them. Just be careful, they grow on you, and seem to multiply!
    By the way, you know "Mom" at MKS supply will send you a new, adjustable rear sight and slide hold open device for your C-9, at no charge, just give them a call. I've never dealt with a BETTER company than Hi Point, in backing their products, even if you're not the original owner!
    Fred (Honcho)

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    The JHP 45 is one of my favorite pistols, and I've owned many of the major brands (Sig, Glock, Ruger, S & W, etc.).
  4. Thanks Fred. I'll definitely call MOM about the C9 too. I had no idea I could get those
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    Myy daughters both shoot 9mm Shields. They have reluctantly shot my 1911's and hate it.

    My oldest daughter was here the other day to pick something up and I insisted she come out and shoot the 45 JHP.

    When she picked it up and realized it weighed 3lbs, she automatically corelated that it would kick twice as bad as a 1911.

    Her first couple of shots were off the target because she was anticipating a 1911 recoil.

    Once she settled down , she couldn''t believe the lack of recoil and how easy it was to get back on target.

    Her second mag was all in the 3" bullseye at 21'
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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1459003917.916903.jpg I love my jhp honestly it took me a few mags to get the hang of it but now I can shoot 40yds plus speed shooting comfortably
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    This was today at 120 feet speed shooting as fast as I could lol if ya take a second and actually aim it's a nail driver
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    The JHP is a hands down winner. Recoil? My 19 yo daughter can handle it like a pro, I'll say that.