New jhp 45 rail system

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by SupaDave45, Jan 3, 2012.

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    How much difference is there between the hi point accessory rail and a picatinny/weaver rail and how hard would it be to convert?
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    Its just i got this pisol for christmas and i love it the only thing that i find lets say annoying is the fact that the rail system only accepts hi point accessories witch i think just look tacky and they dont even have a light accessory kinda disappointed about that

  3. I'm with you there. Very disappointing that I can only mount a cheapo beamshot on my pistol. I want a Light/green laser combo for home defense but it is a no-go. Been searching a long time and find no adapter plates or anything other than the ring they sell or similar.
  4. another poster on here called MOM out on this issue and was told that the guy misread the blueprints or something like that when he was designing the rails and made them too small !! I am waiting for and update on this as my VFG w/ bi pod is gonna take soem grinding to make it fit my rails !
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    Well i was reading another post on here and found someone had tried a barska laser on theres and it worked it looks like it would fit but i have not tried it myself so idk