New JHP - First Range Report

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    Took the new JHP out this morning for break-in and familiarization.

    Weapon: Hi-Point JHP .45ACP, 2 magazines.
    Ammo: 300 rounds, WWB 230gr FMJ.

    I took my new JHP out to my favorite area today to plink a bit and basically break it in. I didn't have any set agenda or set targets. I normally use whatever happens to be out there. There is usually a variety of cardboard boxes and ammo boxes scattered around so finding something to shoot at normally isn't an issue. I did take a couple f empty soda bottles and energy drink cans to move around.

    First magazine;
    I topped off the magazine I had loaded as we cant have a loaded chamber in the car here, and squeezed the trigger. Round 1 fired smoothly and then, FTF! I racked the slide again and the next round chambered just fine. No other malfunctions were encountered in 300 rounds.

    I spent the next 300 rounds blowing large holes in cardboard and decimating "Monster" cans. Someone had left a little cup of ranch dressing out there, the kind you get in a salad from McDonald's or at a grocery store, and watching it shower and splatter was awesome.

    I have to say the recoil was very much less than I anticipated. My sister went with me to run a few rounds through her C9 and ended up firing 3 mags from the JHP. My sister is by no means the heaviest built girl on the planet. In fact I would bet she weighs in the low 100's soaking wet. She had no problems of any kind touching off her 3 mags worth.

    Verdict: I LIKE IT!!!

    Looks like this one is a keeper and a fine companion to my C9. If I put another 3-500 rounds through it with similar results, it will replace the C9 as back up HD to the mossy.

    Final thoughts: It's big. It's ugly, It's BAD @$$!
  2. Hey Core, knew you'd like it. Why wait, make it your shottys backup now. Actually, I grab my JHP first, and leave my 870 hanging...

  3. Sounds like great fun, particularly the Ranch dressing! I've never shot a .45, and have been wondering what the recoil was like. My JHP is supposed to arrive this week, so I guess I'll find out soon!
  4. Corelogik

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    As for recoil you can actually feel the slide "roll" back forward. It's a weird sensation, but it doesn't bother me any. This thing was scary accurate, barely had to touch the sights straight out of the box,...

    I like to have a minimum of 500 rounds through anything before I put out for HD, just personal opinion.

    For the record, bad me, I didn't clean it before we took it out. :twisted:
  5. Yeah, I fell in love with myJHP45 after the first trip to the range. :)
  6. congrats on the new gun.
  7. You have got yourself a great weapon. I love mine.
    I agree with you on the recoil. I was surprised how smooth it was, and the
    kick was a lot milder than I had anticipated.
  8. Deltaboy

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    I love mine; it eats corbons for breakfast and no sore hands or wrist.