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    I bought a JHP because of all the torture testing hi point pistols have endured. Published on the internet that is. What really sold me was the piston blow-back design. That makes it inherently accurate. Much like a revolver is inherently more accurate then most semi-autos.

    Now I have to decide if I really even want to save for a Kimber or a Dan Wesson. Has anyone here used there JHP for duty or concealed carry? If so did you get used to the weight okay? And since I haven't shot mine yet, can you comment on there accuracy?

    Thank you.
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    The accuracy is 99% dependant on the person pointing it downrange.

    The other 1% is why there are adjustments available to move the sights.

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    The JHP is one of my house guns. I've open carried it at the range but they make my pants droop.
    It's the cheapest .45 out there.
    Honestly no bad guy will be able to tell the difference of it was a Kimber or a Hipoint.

    Buy what you like but dong buy hype.
    I've got a very nice Para 12-45 double stack ( 12+1) 1911 Commander clone.
    RIA makes some very nice 1911's at a decent price.
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    You only need to buy a GOOD pair of SUSPENDERS if you are to daily carry your JHP?
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    NE Utah
    1911 weight....about 40 ounces empty.

    JHP weight...about 43 ounces empty.

    Yeah, you can get used to the weight easily.:)

    As to's some fun for you regarding the 1911...sure, you can build a great shooter...but OEM? Meh...
    Also note which guns had the best groups...NOT the most expensive.;)

    mean average 25 yard group sizes, fired from rests, for centerfire Model 1911 pistols recently reviewed by Guns and Shooting Online:
    Colt M1991 = 5.58",
    Colt M1911 Rail Gun = 2.9",
    Kimber Custom Stainless Target II = 2.73",
    Metro Arms American Classic II = 2.5",
    Remington 1911R1 = 2.53",
    Ruger SR1911 = 2.5",
    Ruger SR 1911 = 3.66",
    Springfield 1911A1 G.I. Model = 3".

    The mean average 25 yard group size achieved by these eight 1911 pistols was 3.18".

    mean average 25 yard group sizes achieved with other well known service pistols in Guns and Shooting Online reviews:
    Baikal IJ-70A (Makarov) = 3",
    Beretta 90-TWO Type F = 3",
    Browning Hi-Power Standard = 2.9",
    CZ 85 Combat = 2.73",
    Glock 20 SF = 2.06",
    Luger P-08 (a 93 year old test gun!) = 2.2",
    SIG SAUER SP202 = 2.86",
    Smith & Wesson M&P = 3".

    The mean average 25 yard group size achieved by these eight pistols was 2.72".

    And, here's more fun:

    "The big surprise with the Hi-point is the amazing accuracy. I didn’t really question the accuracy once I’d ventilated a few targets on the range, but what came next I couldn’t expect. A friend and I went to a local pistol range and fired several hundred rounds through about 5 weapons. Keep in mind my buddy is an Iraq war veteran and ARMY Scout with confirmed kills. His HK USP.45 was a really nice weapon at about $900-$1000. After shooting both guns; side by side, magazine after magazine he will tell you the Hi-point is more accurate. Or said in another way, his shot groups were always smaller with the Hi-point than the HK even after the guns and shooters heated up."
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    Accuracy of JHP is second to very few other 45's. Weight is comparable to other full size 45's and anyone of average built can easily become accustomed to. Only concern about concealed carry of JHP is the possibility of AD while being carried in Condition One due to lack of internal firing pin block safety.
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    ajole: very interesting information. I appreciate it.

    Thank you to all the replies.