New Laser pointers for C9,CF380

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by WillWork4Ammo, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. SWAGA

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    They do look a whole lot better then the originals.....:eek:

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  2. Yes they were at the NRA show, today...very nice pieces....although lasers and I don't mix...but that is besides the point of the laser gimmick on guns
  3. panoz77

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    Now that looks nice, I wonder what the price point will be. It would be a hard sell much over $80-100.
  4. tallbump

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    I think they look pretty sweet and really want one for my .40
  5. They are expecting them to be released before the end if the year. Pricing was not known
  6. An attachable Flashlight would be cool too.
  7. "Hello, Santa? All I want for Christmas is this LaserLyte for my C9"... that looks really sweet.
  8. The laser will be sweet, I'm requesting a grenade launcher for my JHP45, and a 12ga under sling for my CF380!

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