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    My Father-in-Law has decided he wants a Henry Big Boy in 45LC. To help pay for this; he offered me his Winchester 94 Trapper in 45LC for $450-. So I will be picking it up tomorrow. I was with him when he bought it new 7 years ago, and have been with him every time he has fired it (less than a thousand rds). I also do all the cleaning of his weapons so I am very familiar with the condition.
    Believe it or not I tried to talk him out of buying a new weapon, he is 77, and may go with me 2 or 3 times to shoot it, period. Then it will hang on his wall in his bedroom with his Colt 45, and in a few years I will have to watch his vulture sons fight over those also.
    As for me I have it all written down what firearms go to whom, and each of the kids have a copy of the list. This Winchester will go to the youngest, my daughter in Reno. It will match the Colt 45 she will get, so she will have a Winchester and Colt 45 like her brother.
    If I could ever figure out how to post pics I would. I can not get photobucket to work.
  2. Congrats.. You will like the Trapper .45LC!

    I passed up a Win 94 Trapper .45LC two summers ago for $350, it was in exec condition and I was really tempted to get it. Only reason I passed on it is at the time I was in the market for a .357Mag or .44 lever rifle, still wish I had picked up the 94 Trapper just to have.