New Magazine ruling in the city of Los Angeles

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    Even though Calif gun owners have a (10) rd magazine law that makes it illegal to have a high cap magazine . The city of Los Angeles now has a law inside the city limits that it is illegal to have hi cap mags and asking gun owners to turn in all hi cap mags

    This new law for Los Angeles doesn't make sense since there is already a ban on hi cap mags in Calif
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    Maybe they just should make up a law to make all crime illegal..... That'd fix everything!

  3. talon

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    Howd that work for them the 1st time? Just make LA a gun free zone, that will stop all the crime.
  4. f*cking morons. California politicians are wollowing in stupid like pigs in mud.

    How a state with so many resources and high dollar incomes, can get ran into the ground like a fence posts under the sledge hammer of Democrats and progressives.
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    As I understand it: The State law bans the manufacture of hi cap mags, as well as offering them for sale or bringing them into the state. It does not ban citizens from having them. The LA law bans citizens from possessing hi cap mags starting with those who purchased them after Jan 1st 2000 ??
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    So if I was in California before the bans, would I still be able to use my 30 rd mags or would they be safe queens?
  7. You can use them and buy more that were is the state 'before'(wink wink, nudge nudge) the ban.
  8. What are the chances that there will be a mad rush of trying to turn them in?
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  10. undeRGRound

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    This dood will come in there an make a mockery of their mag bans...

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    NE Utah
    I thought the old law grandfathered all older hi caps as far as possession, no sales allowed. This new law just outlaws them, too...right?

    Stupid politicians.
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    Kurt Russel "Escape from LA"
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    Ah, now the dreaded "shoulder thing that goes up" that Mccarthy was so afraid of makes so much more sense.
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    California law:

    City of Los Angeles ban on high cap mags:

    CA banned the sale of hi cap mag in Jan 2000, so people bought a large number of high cap mags in 1999. Mag rebuild kits were also sold legally up until last year. After AB64 that banned the rebuild kits, out of state sellers started shipping them in 2 different packages containing "repair parts". Example:

    The new City of LA ban on high cap mag is a ban on possession with list of exemptions. It's applicable to City of LA and not LA county. Same for buying ammo by mail order, which is illegal in city of LA but legal in LA county.

    My solution to all this nonsense is a SKS. No removable mag, no bullet button. Stripper clips are cheap and compact. It's not as accurate as AR15 but irreverent in the suburbs. Down side is most ranges here only allow pistol caliber and no steel case, so ammo is pricy.
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    My solution would be to move to another state.

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    Same here. I'd move to a state where you can buy what you want without having to try and skirt the laws or hope that the next few laws passed by the tyrants in charge won't ban crap you bought legally.

    They have no intention of stopping. I'm sure in a few years there will be a law passed in California outlawing anything that helps load rounds into an internal magazine quickly, like stripper clips because it's a "loophole" to get around the hi cap mag bans.

    If enough liberals hold supreme court positions you can bet they'll go all in with hopes of setting a precedent for some ridiculously restrictive gun control crap.
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    Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (MNGOCRA) has shut down bloomberg's paid liberals for 3 years running. When there is testimony on a proposed bill we put 20:1 members against them in the hearing.