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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by ghostmonky, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. ghostmonky

    ghostmonky Member

    Hey folks.Just signed up.I own my first Hi point .45 handgun.I intend on installing the thingmeister 1911 magazine modification soon.Any comments welcome.So far I've bought some new grips and a few extra magazines.
  2. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    Welcome aboard. Just shoot it. It may have a short break in period, but because it's a 45, you probably won't have any issues at all.

    Peace of favor your sword (mobile)

  3. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Asylum.
  4. ghostmonky

    ghostmonky Member

    Thanks^^^I got a hold of Thing M and he's gonna make some mahogany grips.Also bought the 1911 magazine Modification piece.
    Also bought another one of these for my HP.45.
    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1451218689.957069.jpg
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  5. Tchort

    Tchort Member

    Welcome and congratulations on your first HP.
  6. Hipointer

    Hipointer Member

    Hello and welcome from Indiana! :D
  7. OldOutlaw

    OldOutlaw Supporting Member

    Welcome from Iowa. :)
  8. welderman

    welderman Member

    Welcome from the Peoples Republic of Illinois. You'll love these guns, finiky at times but once they're broken in they are sweet.
    And a lot of info here from a bunch of great people.
  9. ghostmonky

    ghostmonky Member

    I've bought the laserlyte trigger laser but sighting it in is a mystery so far.Kinda clueless since it's my first laser.Do I need a bore laser and line it up that way?And YES there's a lot of great information here on this site Hi point related and general gun related.
  10. ghostmonky

    ghostmonky Member

    Thing Meister has my grips done in Mahogany.Great dealeo.He had to spend more time then he's charged for these.The lighter part is a reflection.
    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1451649331.163177.jpg
  11. Irishfanatik

    Irishfanatik Supporting Member

    Welcome from Omaha, Ne and congrats on your new pistol. Those TM grips are so sweet. I looked at those but ended up buying a few pairs of the hydro dipped ones because I'm a tight wad.
  12. ghostmonky

    ghostmonky Member

    New gun case and Iberia magazines.
    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1451770978.856350.jpg
    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1451771036.931333.jpg
    The case is a build your own and ran about $100.But I'm a little on the fond side of my HP.45
  13. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    Firearm by Hi-Point. Case by Atari.
  14. EvilE424

    EvilE424 Death to Dishonor Lifetime Supporter

    Welcome, welcome, welcome. Lots of info here, which is yours for asking nicely;) Enjoy the camaraderie, the debates, the thread wars and thread drift!