New Member, 9MM or 40S&W carbine purchase

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by GlocKen40, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. GlocKen40

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    I am a new member, will be purchasing a new carbine in the next week or so. I am a long time shooter of rifles and handguns but have never owned a Hi-Point.
    Two of my favorite handgun calibers are 9MM and 40 S&W. I shoot maybe 2000 rounds of each every year and I reload both.
    Because I love shooting both about equally, I am having a hard time deciding which would be more useful in a carbine for me. Because I reload cost is not a factor, 40 is just not that more expensive to load than the 9.
    The opinions and experience of members is what I would appreciate in helping to decide which one. pros and cons(if any) on each would be great.
    As far as the 9MM, I think it would be the best target fun gun and defense also and real easy shooting for the wife although 40 isn't that bad. But I'm thinking the 40 has some uses the 9 doesn't have and not legal where I hunt. Has anyone ever considered or done short range deer hunting with the 40, say mildly hot loaded 180 grain XTP. Performance would certainly top that of a handgun with same load. Am I pushing the envelope for a viable ethical deer gun keeping within reasonable ranges.
    One quick question, are the chambers tight on the 40, like in no bulged cases ? Even the highly respected 10MM in a pistol isn't much faster than the 40 with 180 gr. XTP would be in a rifle barrel. Even if not used for hunting if the 40 better than the 9, say accuracy.

    Well guys I think I have bent your ear enough for today, don't want to wear out my welcome. Look forward to your opinions,thoughts and suggestions.
  2. Visper

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    Well I can help with what I know. I own the 4095ts, great shooter, more than happy with the accuracy, most of the issues that I do have with that are all me...

    I also have a C9 but we are talking carbines here.

    I decided on the 4095 over the 995 for one reason. I wanted a bit more "pop". Now I haven't tried any +P but I know they are rated for it. I have never heard of a buldge in any casings but maybe there are others here that could expand on that for you.

    As for hunting with it, I have never tried it but there are a few members on here who have. Here is a link to one:

    Now this was with a 995 so I would think a 4095 wouldn't have a problem either as long as you don't try to stretch out the distance too much. I also remember reading one on Hog hunting.

    Anyway there is my little tidbit and welcome once again!!
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  3. Dagwood

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    Welcome! I have the 995ts and the 4595ts. I love em both. One thing I will tell you is if you are thinking about getting a hi point handgun to go with the carbine, the mags are not compatible in the 9mm but they are in the 40 and 45. This may be a factor to consider. Either choice is going to be a good one. The carbines are awesome!!
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Get the .40. In either 160 or 180 grain loads, you can get a whole lot of energy down range, the velocity will keep you flatter and make accuracy easier at most ranges, and the carbine is a *****cat, your wife will have no problem handling it.
  5. Recoil

    These Hi-Point carbines have very little felt recoil in any caliber. I have the 995TS and the 4095TS. My wife and kids shoot (and love) both of them.

    My ten year old shot up close to 50 rounds of my .40 cal ammo in the 4095 last weekend.
  6. undeRGRound

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    40, hands down.
    Ammo is close in price to the 9mm
    More energy on target
    Mag compatibility is 100% (uses EXACT same mags, by design)

    In fact, if I were buying ONE Handgun caliber, it would be the 40 S&W.
    ALL the alphabet agencies of the F'ed Gubment are being issued this caliber, so it will be quite common for years to come, and it seems to be getting cheaper in the lineup of handgun calibers (relative to the others).
    Not that ammo in general is getting cheaper... :(
  7. MachoMelvin

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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    I would go with 4095, and I have them all.
  8. GlocKen40

    GlocKen40 Member

    Thanks everyone for your help and knowledge, much appreciated. Pretty much made my decision for the 40, would like to try on deer with some 180 gr. XTP reloads. Most of the time I can buy 40's for almost the same price as 9's, a little more powder but what the heck you have to pay for more power & kaboom, right :D
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  9. I really like the idea of same ammo for my rifle as well as my pistol.
    The Cowboys figured this out 100 years ago :D
  10. GlocKen40

    GlocKen40 Member

    Thanks undeRGRound,
    Now I will to have to buy a Hi-Point 40 pistol to go with my 4095 and I already have a 40. Well I guess I can always use an extra mag or backup 40 handgun. I will let the wife have it when she gets tired of shooting her puny 9MM.......just kidding, I carry a 9 most of the time too. Don't want to get into a whats best carry caliber debate. ;)

    OK, one last question, whats a good OTD price on a 4095TS ?
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  11. MachoMelvin

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    I paid $289 + tax for mine.
  12. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

  13. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member


    You're Welcome and WELCOME to HPFF!

    I gave about $270 for my 4095, but if you get one with a lot of trimmings, bells, and whistles, it can be over 300 easily. FG (front grip) adds about $10, LAZ (laser) is around $50 and so on. But these can be purchased from MOM (Hi Point corporate) easily, but Amazon accessories (generic AR add-ons) are cheaper and many times look better on the carbines. Try ordering a 4095 locally, no add ons. We have a new 995 TS, no add-ons for $244 local to me CASH Price, meaning no debit/credit cards. (3% fee)
  14. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    To answer your question about hand rolled, I reload for my 4095 and I push a pretty hot recipe with 180gr projectiles. I've never had a bulged case or flattened primers in the thousand or so rounds I have rolled and fired out of it. I've even run up some compressed loads and they still go down range hot, straight, and true with no noticeable ill effects on the cases. Admittedly though, once I got done with that batch of rounds, the brass went straight in to the recycle bucket.
  15. boicecf

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    Unless you have a specific need for the 40 cal. added power, I would recommend the 995TS based on ammo availability, variety of loads, and of course the main reason, lower cost per round to shoot!! The ballistics are not that different with a HP carbine!! In my case, I have other 9mm guns, but no 40 cal. guns so I can purchase in bulk!! You will enjoy your new HP Carbine in which ever cal. you choose!!
  16. GlocKen40

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    Thanks again to all, you guys have been super in bringing me up to speed on the 995 and 4095. I just recently took an interest in these rifles. Although I have shot for many years of many different brands of handguns and rifles somehow these guns somehow just never caught my eye.
    I guess the biggest thing that intrigues me is a pistol caliber rifle, which have recently become legal for deer hunting in southern Michigan. For that reason the 40 will be my choice. Have had excellent results with the 40 XTP reloads in my pistol but never hunted with it.
    My local dealer give me a price of $296.00 OTD for the 4095TS. Might be able to get it a few bucks cheaper with a long drive or mail order, but gun deer season is Nov. 15th, need to get here and sighted in. Order goes in tomorrow :) After all these years of shooting, I can't wait to shoot it. Good possibility it could replace the 44 Mag in the woods come gun season.
    Will post my first range trip.
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  17. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Excellent! You will enjoy it! Good luck in the woods!
  18. OTD price on 4095TS

    That's a fair price for a new 4095TS without the bells and whistles. I think I paid about $325 OTD for mine.

    Once you get 'er dialed in, you're gonna have all kinds of fun shooting it.
  19. GlocKen40

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    Update on my gun purchase :) called a home based dealer who did a gun transfer for me a couple of years ago about ordering the 4095 for me. Called back today, $263.95 OTD! WOW! where do I sign ?

    Be here Wed., range trip on Thur., life is good ;)
  20. Bull

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    Cool deal man!..... Enjoy it!