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I was skeptical at first, well actually for a long time about Hi Point. I spotted a post (4 page long thread) on UZI Talk about the 995. I thought to my self that if full auto gun owners like it then its just fine. So I got one too.

The same day I bought it I took it out and shot it. After I got it sighted in about 10 shots walking it to the bullseye. I put 3 shots under an inch and a half at about 25 yds. Now I was sitting on the ground and using my legs for support. This little carbine is SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mine is an "E" series. All black. It did not jam once. NOT ONCE. I took it out of the box and with out any lube, NO cleaning, it fired off 75 rounds. I agree this is not alot of rounds down range so bare with me. I tried lead reloads, 147 grn hollow points, 115 grn hollow points, 125 grn hollow points, LOW POWERED lead reloads, HOT loads for a Sten Submachine gun (I have a Sten Mk2 Machingun....yes machineguns are LEGAL), It ate ALL OF IT..

I took it home and cleaned it. I took it apart for a full detail strip. She is now lubed and cleaned with ten rounds in the mag. Not bad for a brand new 9mm carbine for $175 from a gunshow.

I am now a confirmed Hi Point follower,......screw the gun snobs :devilsidesmile:.
I have a small pile of 40 S&W ammo.......gonna get a Hi Point in 40. I would have at the gunshow but I wanted the carbine first. They did have the "Green" Hi Points on a few tables, one in 40 and a C9. They looked good to me :cool2:

One problem though, I need more magazines for it. It only came with one. Where do you guys get them? Direct from Hi Point or somewhere else?

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Go to the Hi Point website.They list the magazines there.The cost is $17.75/each with no shipping charges.You can use Paypal or charge card.


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Hi, my name is Broomhead and I am a Hi-Point addict.
Everyone said:
Hello Broomhead.
Welcome to our support group.
There are five steps in our program.
Step 1: Buy ammo and send it down range.
Step 2: Buy more Hi-Points.
Step 3: Laugh at all the Gun Snobs for paying way too much, then out shoot them at the range.
Step 4: Happily spread your addiction to others whenever possible.
Step 5:Repeat steps 1 through 4 endlessly.
Unfortunately, these are not steps to recovery.
There is no recovery.

My assistant, Leland, will be by to dole out the meds. :sleezy:

Go Here and read. A compilation of my own compiling.

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Thanks for the replies.
I will probably order magazines from Hi Point tonight.

Broomhead.......I will quickly begin your "Step Program".....LoL.. :D :D
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