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  1. Hey guys I have just joined after weeks of reading every thread I could find concerning the 995. I love my little Hi-point and have already learned alot from this forum. I look forward to puting my 2cents in on things. Thxs in advance for the warm welcome.
  2. Hey there, welcome to the fold. You're gonna love your new toys!

  3. Welcome to the world's greatest little discussion group!
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    Welcome to the best kept secret in the firearm realm... PM me for details on our secret handshake and union representation!
    Let me know if you want an avatar... look around, and you'll see my work. Wink
  5. Welcome to the support group for those suffering from HiPointitis.
  6. Welcome to the most supported and most friendly forum online.
  7. Welcome Pipelayer. I love my 995 too.
    Pretty soon your going to want an HP Pistol to go along with that Carbine. I highly recommend the C9 myself.

    Don't forget to give us a Range Report with Pics of your targets & guns!!!
  8. We're glad you're here with us man! Welcome!
  9. Thanks again for the welcome. I have already had my 995 to the range a few times (with no problems I might add) but I don't have any pics at this time. I plan to go back to the range this weekend and I will take some pics. Then it will be a learning expierence trying to post them. I think I can get it though being as the stickys are so helpful even for a shooting junkie like me.
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    welcome to the forum!
  11. Welcome to the board.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Plenty of people here to learn from and to teach.

    Have fun.