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  1. fordolet60

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    Hello everyone, I'm a new member from A small town in Idaho. Just purchased a Hi Point 9mm. Very excited to meet and talk to everyone! ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1449449016.972900.jpg
  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Welcome to the group!

    North or South Idaho? I have relatives in Meridian, right next to Boise.

  3. Welcome! Bought my C9 in November 2012, and love it! One of only a few I could afford, like Cobra, Phoenix or Kel-Tec, SCCY for another $100+ plus. I spray clean with Rem-Oil. Soft recoil, good sights and comfortable to hold. 584 rounds fired for 12 minor stoppages - reliable enough for me! Happy shooting!
  4. sarahsmom

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    Welcome from Nevada!
  5. Rachgier

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    Welcome to the Asylum. Careful who you talk to, some of them have cooties.
  6. planosteve

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    Rach has cooties? I never would of guessed. :)
  7. moona11

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    Fixed it ;-)
  8. Rachgier

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    It's a complex case. I think I caught it from all the monkeys who sent me mags.
  9. moona11

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    Did you get any camo mags?
  10. Hermitt

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    Welcome from WestCentral Idaho!

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  11. Welcome from Michigan.Hope you enjoy your new Hi Point.
    And thanks for those yummy Idaho potato's when I make home made fries..:)

  12. EvilE424

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    Welcome from ND (where cooties freeze before they can attack you)!