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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Ernie and go by the forum name of Rocketdog. I live the eastern town of Tahlequah Oklahoma. Picked up a used High Point 4595 last week and am very impressed with this rifle. Even though the one I bought was used and evidently not very well taken care of, it is still tight and shoots like new. Only issue is the factory sight system which seems a little tweeked. I suspect the front sight mount is not centered on the barrel. I will address that issue in the proper section of the forum. I look foward to learning about this rifle. Rocketdog
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Lot of knowledge here, not just on firearms either.

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    Welcome to the Asylum.
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    Hope you stick around, the 4595 is probably a forum Favorite,
    for those of us who don't mind spending a bit more for the 45
    ammo. I have all the "Big Boy" calibers, but that is the only one
    I have not fired yet, still BNIB for my 4595! First, I am gonna
    modify it to accept the New Korean 45 ACP Drum Magazine,
    which holds 28 rounds :D :dance: Too Much is JUST RIGHT!

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    Welcome, Rocketdog! I lived in Mannford on Lake Keystone for 10 years. That's about 40 miles from Tulsa. Love Eastern Oklahoma, and that Ozark feel. Sometimes I miss the oak and blackjack trees, and lakes/rivers/ponds everywhere. But then I remember driving on the winter ice, and the tics and mosquitoes in summer, and I realize I want to stay here in the Mohave desert (Las Vegas)! Anyway, love Lake Talequah, and welcome to HPFF!

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    I am visiting family in Ada right now. WTF was that bright blue flash in my face last night going past the weigh station going West?

    Welcome to the forum! Make sure the rear sight isn't bent. I bought a used 995 that way.