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    I've been a member for a few weeks now. I joined and have been looking around to figure out my jamming issues. So far I've adjusted the mag lips and polished the feed ramp but while I had it apart decided to make some changes.

    First I polished the slide

    The polished was nice but I didn't like all of the finger prints. So I went with cerakote and changed the grips
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    Nice work, look into a joey trigger also, its one of the best mods you can make.

    Anyway welcome to the forum!

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    Thanks. I've seen those around here too is there a site that sells those?
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    Looks really sharp BU!
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    NE Utah
    No. You just email or PM Joey. The thread about the triggers has his info at the bottom of his posts, in his sig line.

    Here it is

    "These are pre-paid made to order, you send me a pm, I send you paypal info ,you send me 23.00 ,I make your trigger and send you one .it's that easy the price had to go up to 23.00 to cover my paypal cost , you no longer have to send it as a gift and i no longer have to look for your shipping info . Sorry it had to come to this but too many people do not give there shipping info and others do not follow the "send as a gift" they send it the reg. way"

    Here's the link to PM him.
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    another perfect example

    Another perfect example of why I need to get working on the FAQ sticky post.
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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    Yea, I like 40's too!

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