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  1. Greetings,

    I've been viewing this site for a few weeks as part of my decision to buy the C-9 pistol, and have gotten a lot of good info and just got my gun a couple days ago and made my first trip to the range today, which I want to share.

    A little background first. I own a couple of .22 rifles and a revolver, and a .38 S & W 3" barrel revolver. I haven't shot any of these for over 20 years and hadn't bought a gun since the 1980s, until the C-9. (I'm a young 70 y.o.) About a month ago I decided I'd like a 9mm automatic and began looking online. I would notice the Hi-Point at the bottom of the price range and since most the other guns were at least $100 more - at the LOW end, I figured it must be junk. A lot has changed in CA where I live since I last bought a gun. My FFL friend told me about the roster of legal handguns in CA and that guns purchased through a FFL here must be on the roster. The guns I was looking at weren't on it, but I saw the Hi Point C-9 was. I thought if this gone is on the list while others aren't - like the Ruger LC 9, maybe this gun isn't junk after all.

    I started watching googling Hi Point and watching You Tube videos and you guys know what that's like. But a couple things stood out. The guns are virtually indestructible, they're accurate, and they have a life time warranty. The negatives were about appearance - ugly was a common term, hefty weight, and a tendency for FTFs and FTEs (lingo I've learned here) that tend to occur before firing a couple hundred rounds through them and tuning up the magazines and maybe the feed ramp. I concluded I could live with that since so much info. about correcting that was available.

    So I went to the range today with those expectations in mind. The only prep work I did was to store the magazines loaded, as advised, and lock the slide back with safety and use a q-tip with a couple drops of oil to lube the channel on the underside of slide and a couple of other places I could get to where the slide moves along the chamber and frame. I ran my finger along the feed ramp and it was smooth with a glossy black finish. I didn't see any burrs or rough marks any where on the gun that were visible.

    I'm pleased to say that I fired 100 rounds through it with zero FTFs or FTEs ! The accuracy seemed good also, even though I hadn't fired a gun since Reagan was president. (Ahh, the good old days).

    So first of all, thanks for the help I got here before firing the gun. And 2nd, the issues I read about in posts going back a few years might not be that prevalent now. The fit and finish of the gun and magazines ( I bought an extra) may have improved. The first time I loaded the magazines I was able to load only 7 rounds, but storing them filled may have helped because I was loading 8 in each mag after the first couple times.

    Oh, before I forget: it has been mentioned that the C-9 was dropped from the CA roster of legal handguns. It turns out that was temporary because I checked today and it's back on the list. In CA guns are only certified for a year or two and have to be retested and recertified, sort of like renewing a license. I'm pleased to say that the C-9 and CF380 are back on the list and can be legally purchased in CA. I didn't see the JCP or JHP on the list.

    I hope this has been helpful for some.
  2. Hi-Point guns are in a class by themselves, in regards to price, warranty & quality. My choice came down to the C9, or a Cobra FS380. I wanted the extra power of 9mm, and was sold on the warranty and positive customer reviews. I find the C9 to have mild recoil for a 9mm, good sights, is comfortable in the hand and simple to clean with a spray cleaner/lubricant.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new pistol. Next step is to get a carbine. They are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
  4. I forgot to mention that the 100 rounds I put through my new C-9 with zero FTFs ave FTEs were 50 of Federal and 50 of Winchester WHite Box, both brass FMJ from Walmart.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you here.
  6. I've shot wolf, magtech, Winchester white box & freedom Munitions - all with no problems..
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    Hello folks, newbie to the forum here. I have a new C9 and a 995TS, love em both. Have used several different brands of ammo in both. Brass, aluminum, and steel cased. Zero failures of any kind so far. My question is, has anyone used reman or steel ammo from Freedom Munitions. They seem to have good reviews from what I have found so far, just wondering about HP shooters. Also get free shipping on first order, so I'm just checking before I "pull the trigger" on em. Thanks in advance.
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    Glad you like your C9, and YES, a carbine is Even BETTER!!!
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    Welcome to the forum!
  10. I've shot 150 rounds of freedom reman fmj & 50 rounds of their new Hornady XTP jhp - no problems..
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    If you have other 9mm's, I wouldn't be afraid. You could always use them in the other guns?
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    Hello and welcome from Indiana! :) Glad your new C9 ran great for you.
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    Thanks guys...guess I'll pull the trigger on some!!!

  14. You made the right choice. I had a Cobra FS380 and it wasn't any where close to the quality and feel of the C9
  15. Yeah, the C9 is +P rated, and even though Hi-Point uses lower cost materials, they make a quality product. Cobra, by the way, is a continuation of the old Davis ( 'Saturday night special' ) pistols.