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    Obligatory first post.

    It has been a journey getting here, but I have arrived. Allow me to explain;

    I have long held the opinion of many. When it comes to guns you absolutely get what you pay for. How could anything costing less than $200 be worth a damn. I also held to the misconception that Bryco, Jennings, Hi Point etc were nothing but junk used by gang bangers and drug dealers. I have been shooting since I was 5ish and even carried a gun for years for work, (armed private security). I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about guns.

    Then I found Kel-Tec. (I know, what does Kel-Tec have to do with Hi Point and this forum, I'm getting there I promise.)

    I purchased a Kel-Tec P3AT a few months back and discovered that with only minor care and attention something that costs less than my first born can be made fully functional and worthy. I went looking around online and found Bunch of friendly people over there got me on the right track. Then I started reading about Hi Points from the members there. Everyone I have heard from or talked to over there, is absolutely pleased with theirs.

    So I started thinking, could I have been wrong about this too. So I did some more looking around found this place. I have done some reading over the last few days and found that the majority of you are pleased with your weapons as well, be they for home defense, range fun or whatever you use it for.( BTW, I recognize some of you from, good to see ya)

    So I decided to take a chance. I figure that worst comes to worst, I only spent $100 ish bucks and that the experiment wouldn't kill me or the bank to see if there might be yet another area of firearms that I haven't discovered.

    Tomorrow is pay day. At 8am, the soonest you can buy a gun here without a CCW, I will be the proud owner of a Hi Point C9 for $139.00 plus tax and background fee. If things work out I am looking to get a .45 and a carbine as well in the next month or so, my dealer has all three, and unlike most the owners actually own one.

    Among running around paying bills, and grocery shopping tomorrow I will only have time to run by the range for a minute and run about 100 rounds through it, but I have a big shoot planned for saturday, lots of friends and guns, so it will get a more thorough break in.

    I will post pics and range report by the end of the weekend, I believe in gun pron too. Anyway thats the way I got here, looking forward to many years of info and friendships, and looking forward to being as pleased with my Hi Point(s) as you folks are.
  2. Welcome.I think you will be happy with your C9. It is a great gun. I have around 700 rounds thru mine with no problems. The magazine springs can be a little stiff when you first get them. Load them up and let them sit for awhile and they will feed better. A 995 makes a great companion to the C9. That combo will give you hours of plinking fun. But be warned they are a sickness and multiply like gremlins.

  3. you wont regret getting the c9. i was kind of iffy too when i was thinking about getting a hi-point. now the c9 sees more range time then my other handguns
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    Sounds like my Kel-Tec's. thanx for the welcome.
  5. Corelogik,

    Welcome to the HPFF and congrats on taking the plunge into the world of HiPoint Firearms. I bought my C9 in March 06 and have been very pleased with its performance ever since. It's my favorite range pistol and the most accurate 9mm I own due to the fixed barrel. Some C9's do require a breakin period, generally 200-300 rounds, but after that they are very nice shooters. I recently picked up a 995 carbine as a companion to my C9 and S&W 9mm pistols, and it has been nothing but fun since the first range visit.

    Have fun, be safe and we look forward to a follow up report on you C9.
  6. Welcome from Southern Nevada! I too am very happy with my Kel-Tecs, in fact, they are listed on my CHL. I am also pleased with my Hi-Point carbine.
  7. Welcome.

    I too was a gun snob and looked down at Hi Points until a friend bought a used C9 and I shot it. Old dogs can learn new tricks, I now own several Hi Point weapons and am very happy with all of them.

    I hope that you will be also. Let us know how it goes.
  8. Welcome to the fold my friend. Judging by your FIRST post, you'll do well here. Ask away if you have questions - and be prepared to give back as we all try to do. Stay safe and let us know how she goes.
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    Welcome to the fold!

    It is addicting, this game of buying guns that are inexpensive...
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    Welcome! After:

    -2500 Rounds
    -One bounce down the US 60 at 75mph (and then a light referbush)
    -44 oz of Cherry Coke
    -Nearly 6 months of cab duty

    ....the C9 that I carry has proven to be excellent! Fires without a glitch (except for the aftermarket mag I bought...ugh), feels great, and easily one of my favourite guns simply because it's built like a tank and kind of weighs the same as one :p

    You made the right choice. F*** what other snobs will say. You know your gun will work when it needs to!
  11. 44 oz of Cherry Coke :shock:

    Neo, you sure are hard on that poor little pistol! ;)
  12. Welcome to the forum family. You'll love the HF's you aquire. The C9 was the first pistol I ever purchased. I have since picked more. I really like them. I am now going to pick up a newer HP sw40 as mine is one of the first that came off the linemany years ago. Also looking at the 4095. Hope you enjoy then as much as we do.
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    High Point C9 Compact: $139
    Uncle Mikes #16: $18
    Spare mags x2: $14

    Yeah me, I'm a HP owner.

    First range trip is under the belt. 125 rounds, not a record but a start. I dropped in at home for a moment to check the email and jump on here for a sec. I will have a detailed range report, pix and questions when I get done running around.

    The quick and the dirty;

    125 rounds Remington UMC bulk pack 115 Gr. FMJ

    Failures to feed: 0
    Failures to extract: 0
    Failures to fire: 0
    Rounds sent down range: 125
    Rounds that hit where aimed: um, 70-80%? (need some help with the aperture rear sight and proper alignment picture here.)

    Happiness/Satisfaction level thus far: 99.9% (Have some sharp edges to F&B later tonight.)

    Obviously the pistol will need much more break in and time spent in hand, but I think I am off to a most excellent start. (I never seem to have most of the issues experienced by others, either I am charmed or just really lucky, wish Nevada had a lottery, I might buy a ticket.)

    Thank you all for the warm welcomes and as soon as I know something worth sharing, total HP newb here, I have absolutely no problem "giving back" kinda boring hanging around forums without doing so,...

    Until later.

    Quick pic,

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    Well, back from the second range trip.

    Run of 0 malfunctions continues. Another 150 rounds went through the C9 with not a hitch. I figured out how to use the aperture sight and sighted it in at about 15 yards or so.

    It probably sounds stupid but while I have used aperture sights before, I have one on my SKS, the little points in the C9 sight were throwing me off. Anyway have it figured out.

    I did a little F&B last night, cleaned off some sharp edges and one of my famous bicycle inner tube slip on grips. Much more comfortable now.

    The more I shoot it, the more I like it. I have plans on the .45 next. A buddy of mine that previously thought of Hi Point as nothing but junk, put 50 rounds through mine, now he wants one! :D

    I will have pix up as soon as I have a chance to take some.
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    What I found is that alot of your first hundred rounds are going to be a little high, simply because the slide is quite a bit heavier and it changes the shooting characteristic. I simply aim a tad low (just a couple of degrees), and then all my shots are smooth up to 25 meters.

    Glad to hear your C9 is textbook Hi-Point!