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    I've been around firearms since 1985. I've carried off duty for over two decades now and have been a firearms instructor since the mid-90's. The bulk of my experience has been revolver, pistol and shotgun. Except for my .22 rifles I really haven't shot a rifle since the military back in the 80's (M16). My primary weapons on-duty are semi-auto pistol and shotgun.

    A while back I began wanting to get into some sorta rifle offering. I wasn't really sure what I wanted and wavered back and forth between an AR or AK platform or something I could use to hunt like a good bolt action .308 or something similar. But I also always keep in mind HD and the ability of family to use the weapon if necessary.

    I started this thread over on the SEP board that is now 8 pages deep: Considering a Rifle

    In that thread the topic of Hi Point Carbines came up. Too be honest, like many people I suppose, I didn't really didn't have any experience with HP firearms. But I started to get intrigued. A 9mm carbine I thought might be ideal as a HD rifle. So I began to do my due diligence and research. I looked at online reviews, the website, YT videos etc. About the only downside I saw was the 10 round capacity.

    So I purchased a 995TS for my son (who I've taught to shoot) and a 4095T for myself. After a range session I was quite impressed. Both were smooth shooting firearms and recoil was nothing to hardly mention. Accuracy was more than acceptable and too be honest was fairly impressive (open sights). I was so impressed that I decided to look around for another 995TS for myself (since it's less expensive to shoot and makes a good trunk gun). Found one in my area for $200 (had about 100 rounds through it from what I was told) so I purchased it. Shoot it yesterday and had the same experience i.e. smooth, accurate and little recoil. Very impressed and feel I made three good purchases.

    I've added the mag holder to each and purchased additional mags for each. For each of the 9mm's I ordered the Long Shot bumpers to give the base plate a bit more meat for mag insertion/withdrawal. I've ordered a light mount to see how I like it. If I do I'll probably add them to the other two. All have the normal open sights but I'm playing around with the idea of maybe a red dot scope. Use to have a red dot scope on my duty shotgun and liked it quite a bit. Opinions on what HP offers are welcome.

    That's my intro, nice to be here. :)
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the nuthouse. :)

    Glad you like your new carbine. For optimal function, be sure to clean it every few thousand rounds or so. Or ignore it. whatever... :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Welcome SEP.
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    Welcome from Las Vegas!
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    Welcome from Colorado. I would use a green dot or a scope that offers both red and green. Their good for any light scenario. I've noticed in some light situations that red isn't all that great. Just IMO. If you decide to go with a laser, I would definitely go with a green laser. Almost unlimited daytime visible. I can paint my neighbors house with my laser 275 yds away clear as day. As usual, the more you pay, the better you get. I'll never go back to red lasers again.
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    Thanks for the welcome everyone. Kirk, you and I have talked before on Martial Talk (I'm Kong Soo Do there). :)

    That brings up an interesting question on cleaning. Instructions state to run the barrel at something like 300-500 rounds or so and the gun at like 1500 rounds. What do folks generally find as a good benchmark? I'm a bit anal on cleaning and usually do so after every range session but I've held off so far on the carbines till I find out from others. So far my used 995Ts has the most rounds through it at around 400.
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    Excellent! :)

    Not sure what the current is but MOM used to recommend simply running a brush or boresnake, wiping out the action, and lubing after range sessions up to a round count of 1,500-3,000, after which do a more thorough cleaning. I'm a bit more thorough anyway, but the fact is the darn thing doesn't have a "field strip" option. You lock the breach-block back and clean it as best you can. If you want more, you have to take it apart (which some people do).

    Most people's experience is that MOM's advice is good 'nuff. After you shoot it, just lock the action open and run some of your favorite cleaner down the bbl from the breech end (keep the bbl pointed down, obviously). Scrub what you can get to with a tooth brush. Run a snake or brush down the barrel a few times. Wipe it all out with a cloth and patch the bbl, then a bit of lube and that's it. If possible, don't use lubricating oil that doesn't have anti-oxidants in it. You can't clean off oxidized oil from internal parts without disassembling the blasted thing.

    It's just a very simple, reliable, carbine. Some folks around here like to compare it to "a U.S. version of the AK."

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Thank you sir :)
  10. enjoy the hp's and the forum... :welcome: