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New Member saying hi

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Hello everyone,

My name is Scott and I'm 21 years old male from North Carolina. I purchased a used 995 Carbine from a pawn shot 2 weeks ago and love it. It came with a muzzle break and a aim-point red dot. I have since purchased a Barska 30mm red dot scope but have not mounted it.

I have a question though. I am not quite sure if the gun IS used or if its new??? the magazine was very difficult to load and looked as if the two prongs at the top were a little to close. Me and my brother and law put around 110rds. threw it and it seemed to get easier to load.

Now im wondering if its used and maybe the mag got dropped or misused because when i insert the mag into the rifle it is hard to close the breech, nothing a little muscle wont cure but is this normal? also i have to hold the mag release button in, inorder for it insert and lock smoothly without holding the button i have to give it a slight push inorder for it to click into position

Is this characteristic of a new carbine or does it sound like i may have some problems?
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Not owning a 995 at the moment I would say it sounds like a new weapon with tight tolerances. A little bit of use should loosen it up a bunch,.. others with more experience will chime in shortly.

Also it's customary to put the same topic/question, in only one place. Multiple postings of the same question/topic under mutliple boards is a no-no.
There's a ton of threads on here about mag lip spacing, I don't own a 995 (yet) so can't help with the rest other than to say you'll find the help you need here soon enough.

Mag lip spacing guide

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Haven't had any problems with my 995, so I wouldn't be any help.
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