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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by drakon543, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Hello out there just posting my intro.
    Just got a relatively new c9 for a great price couple days ago 0$. Lol well not really i suppose i did some automotive work in trade. Ive shot this particular one numerous times before it was offered to me and enjoyed it. Have to say im definitely not new to guns but ive never really owned that many. Hoping to get the basic tips and tricks for hi points atm.
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    Welcome aboard from Colorado :D

  3. Welcome from Guntucky.

    You will get tips and tricks whether you want them or not...
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    Welcome to the Best Forum on the internet!

    Ask what questions You need answered and somebody here will have an answer!

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    Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime (from ND)
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    So when you take it to the range and realize the only reason he gave it to you is because it won't make it through a full mag without jamming, don't panic and curse. Just come back and we'll help you sort it out.

    To start you out right, load and unload the mag periodically. Or take a ruler or something and work the follower up and down. If done correctly, not only will onlookers think you're masturbating, they'll be impressed.
  7. Well when he first got it and we went to the range it used to jam and stovetop alot. Said he did something to the 2 mags he gave me with it (along with a leather holster) and it doesnt jam anymore. Outside of that i read a topic about polishing the slide tray. If i have any issues i might do that aswell. I am curious about the rear sights read another topic where its possible they wont be to stable. So on that note what options do i have for different rear sights that are relatively easy to swap.
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    Shoot it first. Sounds like he probably sorted out the mags. And keep a firm grip. Stove pipes are often caused by limp wristing.
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  10. I seen the topic regarding the mahan sights but havnt looked into them. If i have an issue ill probably go that route as they seem popular for the hi point and thats really not a bad price.
    Oh btw im pa poconos area owned a mosberg 12g (older model) and i still have my 30-30 savage and i had a s+w 357 shorty for a while. And ive shot just about everything under the sun outside of anything 50 cal.
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    I have a set of these on my JHP (45) and they are great. They are well worth the money.
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    Drakon - welcome aboard. You in non-communist territory (west of Philly, East of Pitt)? Oh, and there's plenty of help here. If these guys (and ladies) can't sort your problem, odds are it'll even baffle MOM. Worst case, you send it back, she sends you a new one.
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    Welcome from a fellow Pennsylvanian

    Hope the C9 works great for you

    Let's us know how your first range trip goes
  14. Well i suppose its neither east or west of either its about a straight shot north of philly. Off route 80 just off the jersey border. Oh and if the day goes as planned i should have some range time today. Picked up 100 rounds of ppu fmj.
  15. Drakon543, welcome from yet another Penna./Poconos resident, (Lakeville/Lake Wallenpaupack--)
    I've owned Hi Points for many years, (even have a "Stallard/Hi Point .45), and have found that they seem to reproduce all by themselves! I now have 9 Hi Points, and they all perform as well, or better than the other brands I own. I regularly turn the snobbish sneers to looks of amazement from other shooters, and their megabuck handguns, at our local ranges. (This in spite of my 78 year old eyes, and worn out bod!!!)
    The bottom line is, when you bring your targets back from the mounts, and they are better and more accurate than the snobs' targets, you have made your point! Talk about getting more "Bang for your buck"!
    Cheers, and welcome again.
    Fred (Honcho)
  16. Well back from the range and it cycles perfectly. I ran a whole 50 round box of russian ppu fmj without a single issue. At 20-25 (no visual markers on the target rail) range is only a 50 so first i placed it at about half way. First clip i put all 8 rounds on paper with horrible grouping but i was mainly just checking fit and function (ya ya excuses excuses). Anyway my second clip at the same est distance trying to pure accuracy i had 7 rounds in about a 2in grouping and one just outside that. Did so well on my last 2 mags i pushed it out to 50 and managed to hit paper on almost every shot. No grouping to mention but in one mag i easily could have killed it. Either way extremely pleased.
  17. Good glad u like it! U will come to find out as well as I did that HP is one the BEST guns & company out there!!!
  18. Yup for function and purpose i like it but if i was to pick a specific gun i would want for sh*** and giggles would be smith and wesson's 500 revolver. Nice long barrel maybe the 8 in one the 10in one just seems like someone would think your compensating for something at that point lol. But im not about to shell out 1000+ for a range toy ntm i can only imagine the ammo is expensive. But wooo to own a hand cannon like that monster. Ya ya i like jacked up trucks and loud cars too.
  19. I've shot the 500s&w because a friend of mine has 1 & it is a BAD*** monstor!!! Just don't be stupid like I was & didn't use hearing protection!!! Felt like someone punched me in the ear! & rang for 3 days!