New members of the family

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  1. Well here are my new little friends. I got the 9mm XD sub amonth ago for a CCW man I like it (though the whole barrel tipping up still bothers me) thogh the 10 rd mag is way too small for my hands so I new a few more 16s.

    I got the 870 and 10/22 as a result of taking care of "the pretzel moneys" I added my HP 9mm to balance the deal out. That 10/22 is a CRAZY amount of fun. I put the ATi stock on it after I took it out shooting. Now I need to get a scope and try it out in it's new duds.

    My buddy went for one of the FN shotties which is why he tossed in his 870. I put the factory stock back on because I really like the bulky grip on it over the narrow one on the ATI stock. Still haven't had the chance to shoot it. I really want to get one of those saddle scope mounts and an open sicgt red dot for it. And maybe one of those ATI heat shields just for looks



  2. Man that 870 looks good. Is that OD green?

  3. Yep. I don't know why but the OD Green looks so much better than the all black.