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    I traded some services for a friend with a Mosin Nagant M44. He asked me to help him move and he had an M44 that he didn't want any more so he gave it to me. It's a little heavily shellacked, and I don't know what I'm going to do about it.

    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-11-28

    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-11-28

    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-11-28
  2. nice weapon Fired it at all yet?

  3. Milehile

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    He and I took it out to the range once. It fired beautifully. Wasn't all that accurate, but I think that with a little tweaking it should be able to take out a penny from a quarter mile away.

    By the way, robertgreen_86, did you still need to buy a digital camera. Because I still have that one you were going to buy from me, we just need to meet up still. Let me know.
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    nice looking M44. When you said it wasn't accurate, was it all over the place or still grouping but off to one side/up/down? I've found with mine that cheap surplus ammo will cause it to drift a lot.

    I usually shoot Wolf Ammo out of mine with very good results. Some guys don't like it but it works for me.
  5. I love that picture of the reciever stamps! Nice looking rifle Milehile!
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    You beat me to it, i was about to say there are some pretty sweet aftermarket stocks and parts that could cure that shellack if you dont like it. Very nice looking gun though, i am thinking of getting one pretty soon.
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    i love those rifles, im not a communist but its cool to see the hammer and sickle stamped on it
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    There is a good reason they are still around and so popular. Obviously the price gets your attention and the darn thing is accurate. I have the synthetic Monte Carlo stock on my M-44. It totally changes the feel of the rifle and helps control the recoil. Some folks give me grief for getting rid of the original stock but the one on mine was not in good shape to begin with so I did not fell guilty for changing it out and making a great hunting rifle out of it.
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    I'm still up in the air over SKS vs. MN... grrr
  11. Get one of each and see which one you like the best.
  12. Welcome to Mosin sub-culture.
  13. Mosin is cheaper and has slightly cheaper ammo.
    SKS is semi-auto and the Mosin is bolt-action. So, in my opinion, the SKS is more fun to shoot... if that's what you're looking for.
  14. If you want a really fun semi-auto rifle to shoot, get an AK. I like the SKS, and you can get 30 round magazines for them, but there is just something badarse about the AK. I love mine.... Not saying if an SKS decided to follow me home I wouldn't keep it... *cough* of course I would :wink:

    Of the 3 Mosin's that I have right now, my favorite is the M91/30 for some reason. That one has the worst trigger of the 3 of them, is the heaviest, and the ugliest. BUT, I turned a boulder to gravel from about 75 yards away... That was fun! That gun is so damn accurate it's not funny.
  15. While I agree that the AK is more fun to shoot than the SKS (although now that I say that, I'm not so sure...), the AKs that I've seen are about twice the price of the SKSs that I've seen.
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    I really like the SKS design... It pretty cool simple design that works. If I was going to get another one it would be Albanian 1st, Russian 2nd, Chinese 3rd, Yugo 4th.... If you just want something for shooting get a Chinese over the Yugos. If you want something with 30rd mags get an AK !! For the the Mosin I would be looking for a nice M-38.
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    M38? That's no fun, when you run out of ammo there is no pig sticker!
  18. Actually, if you can find an old M91/30 bayonet from somewhere, they will fit on the front sight lug of an M38.... I have tried it and will personally vouch for it working JUUUUUUUST fine.... :D
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    You guys are killing me......everytime someone posts their new gun I can feel the gun shop calling me. I've lived for years with only a marlin 60 and never felt the need to own more guns. Since I joined the old forum I suddenly NEED a shotgun, mosin, ak, ar, sks, 1911, and the list goes on......... :D