New NRA member

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Loopster, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. I have taken the plunge and joined the NRA. Waiting on my enrollment materials.
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    Welcome to the Club!

  3. Silicon Wolverine

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    my condolences on the loss of your money. when the NRA decides to work for the rights of ALL gun owners and not a select club maybe ill think about sending them money. FYI the president of the NRA once said that he thought there was no need for a civilian to own an AK-47.

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    now you done did it

  5. Mike_AZ

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    The very wide spectrum of gun owners' positions prevents any one organization from representing them all to their own satisfaction all the time. This goes for any organization and large group of people.
  6. Has the NRA ever supported a "liberal" candidate who also happened to support 2nd Amendment rights? I have no honest idea and I'm just curious.
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    BTW welcome. I joined last year.
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  9. Very cool :) Maybe they aren't as much of a "conservatives only" club like I thought. This will require further investigation. Thanks for the info Mike :)