New Outdoor Gun Range Opened Near El Dorado Kansas
by "ichthyo"

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A new $2.3 million state-of-the-art gun range was opened at El Dorado State Park earlier this year. It is open to the general public for $10 per day, $50 for a three month membership, or $200 for an annual membership. It was constructed using Wildlife Restoration Program funds and license fees from hunters and anglers.

This is the nicest outdoor range in the state and is one of the safest as well. It has twelve shooting positions at 100 yards, 14 at 25 yards, and 30 positions at 15 yards. Most of the other state ranges don't have the 15 yard positions that are now so popular for self-defense shooting practice.

The range is fully baffled with concrete and it is likely impossible for a round shot downrange to exit the facility. It is loud, so good hearing protection is needed as the sound reflects back from the roof, sidewalls, and end berms.

The first time I shot here I was impressed by the staff and range officers. There is a lighted warning system to indicate whether the range is hot or not and range officers stand at each of the three distances to make sure users are operating according to the rules, assist users, and answer questions.

The range also has a club house complete with a meeting room, restrooms, and an office where you check in and can buy targets and ammunition. Currently it is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is likely to expand shooting hours as word gets out about this wonderful range. If you are ever in the area, you should give this new facility a try.

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