new over the air sci fi tv channel

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  1. its called comet TV

    Comet TV not bad its started with "johnny sokko and the flying robot"
    not bad for free tv
  2. Rerun

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    NOT available in my area...



    Third largest city in the Nation!

  3. In IL Springfield and Peoria are getting it Houston should darn it's way bigger that both of those.
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    NE Utah
    It isn't really "over the air", is it? Isn't it just part of the programming package that some affiliates are buying into?

    Anyway, it's all about who buys the programming, not about the size of the market.;)
  5. The UK for all its fault actually has an extremely robust Free Over The Air system. They got a combination of satellite-based and LOS based programs (which make up the majority of them); every house here is automatically equipped with an aerial and satellite dish. It's like a hundred free channels.
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    How is it free when they tax you just to own a TV?
  7. Touche....
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    Do you still have to pay that Socialist TV Tax over there? We did in the 80's. That sucked and the TV programming sucked also. Benny Hill was the only thing worth watching :mad:
  9. Yup, we gotta get the TV license.
    Although they got much better services now. I got fiber optic Internet, so I'm almost always rocking 70 Mbps or more.
  10. I get it on a out side tv antenna ( not cable or dish )so i call it over the air ?

    i am sure the tv station pay's for it just like

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