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  1. Just bought my first Hi Point. Picked up a nice used 1095TS this week. It's not only my first Hi's my first 10mm anything. Just a little info about me....I live in the Columbus, GA area. I'm not a stranger to firearms; since I spent thirty years in the Army as an Infantryman. I'm retired now. Other than shooting, my hobbies are golfing and fast cars. Looking forward to being an active participant on the forum.
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    Welcome aboard!! Lots of info here.

    Lots of great people also.

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    Welcome to the madhouse.
    .45 JHP owner from Florida here.
    Mind sharing how much you paid?
  4. Don't mind at all. I gave $300 for the gun. It was practically unfired; but the owner had lost the rear sight and assorted accessories that originally came with the new gun. Fortunately, Hi Point customer service made me whole again; and I now have everything except the original box.

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    Welcome soldier!
    I saw one in the rack for $398 2 weeks ago NIB. No extra money for a 1095 right now. No need.
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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service!
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  7. Welcome to the forum from a happy 4595 owner in Kentucky.
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