New Owner of a C9 and Newbie to the site!

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  1. Hello to all.

    Just as the subject says I am a new owner of the Hi-Point C9 9MM pistol. I have been reading a lot of posts over the weekend, before my account was activated, about the C9.

    I choose the C9 for one reason...I love the 9mm round. I reload my own ammo, but doubt I will reload for the C9 due to keep the warranty valid. If there was ever an issue with it I don't want to have issues with the warranty if I shot reloads through it.

    My son bought the 40 S&W about 3 weeks ago. I laughed at him for buying a plastic gun. BUT, after handling it and shooting it I feel in love with this gun.

    I am like a lot of people nowadays...don't have a lot of cash to spend and I wanted a good gun and not pay a whole lot of money for it.

    Thanks to those who have posted all the help tips about the C9, to those who have posted pictures...especially the take down pictures!! That was great. I have already put the bicycle inner tube grip on of difference. Also, went to Wal-Mart and checked on the laser sight.

    Thanks to those who started this site!!

    I hope I will be able to add to some of the discussions on here.
  2. Welcome! I think you, too, will love the C9.

  3. Welcome to the fold, I think you'll like it here.

    Some quick inputs to consider. HP and most of us reco to NOT take your gun apart till it starts thinking it needs to, maybe 1000 or more rounds through it. A good clean/lube is really all it needs. It's not designed to be taken apart frequently and many of us have found it really doesn't need it. That said, some of us to take it down - I just want you to have both sides.

    Lasers....... many recommend against the trigger-guard mount kind cause they don't hold true very well. If you bought the comp model, this may be more reliable, but then buy a good one.

    You're gonna love your new toy - a C9 was my first and you can see what happened after that! Stay safe.
  4. Welcome to the HP Forum! YES, You will love this gun and it is fun to shoot!
    And, don't lots of ammo!!!!!!!
  5. kalacop

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    How much did you pay? I want one but gotta wait until my birthday :(
  6. Thanks guys for the warm welcome and the advise.

    Kalacop...I paid $160 dollars for mine with an extra clip thrown in with it.

    The shop I deal with mostly is a small pawn shop and they had the C9 for 159 dollars...the 40 S&W and 45 ACP for 189 dollars. But a sporting goods about 30 miles away had the C9 for 139 dollars and the 40 S&W and 45 ACP for 149 dollars.

    I am thinking about going there when the income tax comes in and get the 40 S&W or maybe the 45 ACP. Haven't made up my mind on which one to son's 40 S&W is noticeable kickback and is down right scary on accuracy!
  7. Welcome and enjoy the new C-9. And Yeah, buy lots of ammo!!! :wink:

  8. The Hi-Point has a NO questions asked warranty... I shoot reloads through my 995 all the time and never a problem. Shoot 'em up and welcome to the forum!
  9. WELCOME! Your gonna love your C9. Now all you need is a 995 carbine to go with it.
  10. +1 to PrimalSeal. i don't think there's anything you CAN do to void your warranty. shooting reloads is pretty low on the "insane-o meter" of things people have done to their hi-points and still had them repaired for free.