New owner of a very used 995

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    I was offered a 995 in trade a few days ago, & started researching, ending up here on the forum. I'll say thank you right now, this place has been a great source of information.

    Taking the trade was pretty much a no-brainer. It's completely stock, a bit rough w/ bsa red dot, stock magazine is a bit sloppy, & unknown how many rounds have gone through. My goal is a nice shooter for my wife, the plan is ATI stock, holo sight, trigger/charging handle upgrade for now.

    Does anyone have input on mounting the holo sight, normal mount vs. scout style?

    I'll be shooting it later today, can't wait!
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    First, invest ten days to two weeks and send the 995 in for an overhaul and ungrade. HiPoint wants you to do that with any used gun of theirs.

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  3. Send it in they will make it like new and a new mag for your trouble.
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    Thanks for the information, I will definately be sending it in. The sloppy magazine caused jams every couple shots unless I held it in.

    Also, with red dots & holos how usefully are they outside in moderate daylight? Dot wasn't visible at all today, (yes, power was on & indoors the dot was just fine :) ) I don't want to upgrade if these type of sights are basically useless outside (never had one before).
  5. I have a BSA red dot, and the only time its not visible outside is if I am shooting straight towards the sun.

    Does your red dot have a fresh battery?

    Congrats on your carbine by the way

  6. Try a red/green dot. I find during the day I like the green dot better. Your eyes may be younger / better than mine though.
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