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Hey All,

Proud to say that I am a new owner of my first 995 carbine. Not a single regret after taking it to the range. I was researching for months before I finally picked one up and now I'm looking for a full-length top rail for an ATI stock that is headed my way.

It looks like Bushman isn't going to be restocking anytime soon according to his site. So...

Does anyone know of any alternative options for a full length top rail or is anyone selling one of Bushman's rails?


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Right now your only option is getting the rail and having it machined to fit the hump on the receiver cover. Or invert the front sight and mount the "raw" rail material like Pumpgunner and a few other members have.

I did the invert sight deal and it was fine but I went ahead and bought the Bushman rail and happy I did now that there not being produced. If you can wait I'm sure Bushman will be itching to get back into production in a few months.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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