New owner -- what accessories for home defense PCC?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Nutrend, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. moona11

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    You never do warning shoots. If you have to fire your in a deadly force encounter. If not you never were. You do not actually know were the bullet will travel.
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    You shoot bad guy. If he is in your home he has made his intent known.
    There are no guarantees in life!
    There are no guarantees in life!
    So important it was worth repeating, I'll take my chances with the jury as becoming worm dirt isn't going to help my family if the bad guy gets me!

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    How about the scum sucker doesn’t have to try to rob me, put my safety in danger, or break seven or eight laws?

    I believe God can sort it all out. I have zero issues with helping a criminal meet our Father. Don’t think of it as ending a life on this hell hole of stress and turmoil. Think of it as a complete reduction in stress and turmoil, an express ticket to eternal life. And the judgement that comes with it.

    I’m fine with that judgement. Is he? Well....not my problem. Do dumb things, win dumb prizes. Turn the other cheek? Not when I’m under attack. Which I am, once a guy comes into my house.

    Not in the American states that follow the constitution, there aren’t.

    Now who’s playing the what if game?
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    You know, despite Ajole's instrument of divine retribution comment that I'm sure will get taken out of context, most folks don't actually want to kill people. Understanding that with all situations in life, sometimes the hard road is the only viable path to have the best chance at survival.
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    Thats BS of course you do.
    Because you’ve walked your house and determined angles and corners and safe to shoot zones haven’t you?
    I have.
  6. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter still need to be justified to shoot.
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    Several years I got my 995TS

    I really liked the gun and bought a lot of stuff to make it happy.

    After about a year I realized the carbine needed none of the gizmos and went back to stock.

    None of those gizmos made it better when it came to home protection. Just made the gun longer and more cumbersome.

    Just my opinion.

  8. The only add-on to my 995TS is the double magazine holder. I like it as it is.
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  9. moona11

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    I never fire a warning shot. How hard is that to understand? I know which way is safe to fire through a wall to hit the BG hiding behind it. That's not a warning shot.
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    I've made it nearly 61 years without the need to shoot anybody, and suspect i will make it the rest of the way. That does not mean I run around unarmed, however, or unpracticed.
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Exactly. I really, really don’t wanna do it. But I really, really will do it, and I’ll deal with whatever is next when it comes, just like all the combat vets and cops that have had to do things they’d prefer not to do.

    In my house uninvited? Justification exists.
  12. CowboyBob

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    Truth right here!
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    I’ll have to ask Lt Data if I can agree more then 100%.....
  14. lklawson

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    Technically, no. ;)


    Peace favor your sword ( mobile)
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Back in the day in Florida the cops told me, "how many rounds are in your mag?" "10." "Empty it into them and say I don't know why I shot so many times, I blacked out!" Back before they got the castle doctrine. My first pistol was a 622S&W .22. "Guy at the store asked, what are you buying it for?" "Plinking, and kill someone." "I wouldn't try it with a .22" "How many rounds? 10? If that don't work I don't know what will." He said get these CCI stingers. They ought to do the job.

    To think I used to use those to plink with!

    I was clearing the crews on this one particular midrise building. Running off the crack head carpenters. I had several toothless Godzilla looking dudes wanting to kill me.
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  16. 115grfmj

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    Think hi speed...low drag. You'll be using it in a cqb environment. The less doo-dads you hang on it the better. Really the only thing you need is a good weapon light to tell the bad guys from the good. Mine wears an olight laser light combo, and nothing else is needed.
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  17. Most of the folks responding here have their heads screwed on right. Or at least seem to.
    Recommendations for your 995ts, based on my own practice and priorities:
    • Firearms safety training. Do NOTHING ELSE until that happens.
    • Learn to tear down and clean the gun.
    • Weapon light - Mine is a light/laser combo (Truglo Tru*Point SKU: TG7650R) mounted under the barrel with the remote touch pad mounted on top of the handguard. It works well and costs way less. Shooting into the darkness is a not a good plan.
    • It's a rifle. It takes up space and physical activity. Learn to move through your home with the weapon. Where you should and shouldn't point it (does that wall/door go to an occupied area?). Where you might get caught out, or seen when you don't want to be seen. Can someone grab the barrel when you're moving around a corner or through a doorway?
    • Get 2-3 mags worth of decent self defense ammo. Maybe Hornady Critical Defense? I know it runs good in mine. Buy a new box every month thereafter and use the older stuff you replaced for practice. It isn't cheap, so it's not recommended for plinking.
    • Go to the range periodically (at least once per month, if you can afford it and find one). Practice mag swaps: 2rds in in the first mag and one in the second. Fire the first mag off and as quickly and safely as possible switch mags and fire the last round. Shoot at a close-range target. Tool familiarity and muscle memory. Don't just blast away all your cash, learn and practice something useful.
    Hopefully all of this has no value to your future experiences.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Mounting a laser on the factory bottom barrel rail is marginal at best. It should be okay with inside the house distances.
  19. missiledefender

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    Honest to GOD training with your specific weapon system and theater of operations (your house) so, you can see the problems and fix them before you have to do it live, at 0400....for the first time.

    Try a "glass house" (put tape down on the ground in the shape of the things and walls in your house) and see where you might have problems, blind areas, etc. It allows you to train without breaking your Old Ladies china cabinet and see if your kids room is by the front door...where you may or may not be shooting towards. Have someone watch you or video record yourself and watch the videos and look for improvements.

    Then turn out all of the lights and try your flashlight out, is it TOO bright? Does it wash out your vision when you hit your eggshell white, gloss paint? Do you light yourself up, when everyone/thing else is in the dark? Can you move around in the house with the lights out? Do you know where the end table know the one that you smack your knee into during the day...that you will PLOW into at 0400?


    Is it better to lie on the ground, in the door way of your bedroom, scream down the hallway: "I am armed, Police are on their way. If you come down this hall, I will consider that an attack and you WILL be fired on!" While you/your significant other has the 911 Operator on the line. You ARE going to want that recorded by the 911 Service.
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