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Came home yesterday from a couple of weeks from home (a brief hospital stay while on the read kept me away) and the wife told me there was a box on the kitchen table for me. It was the Auto Prime System for my Hornady Iron Press.

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Except for my Lee Classis Turret press I am not one to prime on the press, preferring a bench mounted priming system. I have an RCBS Automatic Priming Tool mounted to my Hornady Iron Bench.

Got up this morning and installed the Iron Press Auto Prime System to my press. It took maybe 20 minutes. I set it up for large primers as I decided to load some 45 Colt rounds. The system uses a spring loaded shuttle that moves the primer cup back to the drop tube, then as the handle is lowered it moves the primer cup back under the shell holder where the primer can be seated. The kit comes with a small and large primer tube, a blast shield and a small and large primer pick up tube. I installed the large primer tube, screwed on the blast shield, and installed the cap on top of the blast shield. This forms the smallest "bowl" over the primer tube. I loaded 50mlarge pistol primers in the pick up tube, placed the end of the pick up tube over the primer tube, pulled the cotter key, and the primers were loaded. No need to dissemble the primer system to load primers.

Upon use, the first primer did not load, a bit of tinkering and the next 49 primers loaded into the primer cup without fail. Priming was smooth, no need for that slight jerking / pushing motion that is sometimes needed when using a press mounted system.

To switch from large to small primers I will need to unscrew the blast shield,replace the large primer tube with the small one, and screw the blast shield back on. Remove the spring from the primer shuttle, slide out the shuttle, replace the large primer cup with the small one, and reinstall the shuttle. Easy-peasy! Should take 5 minutes or less.

Initial impressions are good and I will be saving some bench space when I remove my old priming unit. Thank you Wifey for the gift (and brother for telling her what to get) it is appreciated and will be used a lot!
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