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  1. 4 more years till retirement. Have been looking for about 4 years to see where I wanted to go. FOUND IT!

    Little town in NM... pop 380(ish).

    Went there this weekend past and looked at 11 homes with property. Minimum lot I considered is 2.4 acres with the largest at 6.2 acres. One in particular I really liked.

    Town is at 7000 ft ele.
    South end of the mesa before it drops down into the desert with
    El Paso 90 miles to the south and White Sands/Alamogordo, NM to
    the west.

    Winters... 1 or 2 inches of snow, 2 to 4 times in the season.
    An extreme winter might get one storm that'll drop 5 inches
    which will be gone in 3 to 4 days.
    Summers... "might" hit 100 2 or 3 times but usually 75-85.
    Barely warmer than our winters here in Phoenix.

    Best one I found is 4.3 acres, 1200 sq ft house. $79K
    Can shoot right on the property. Anywhere in town shooting
    is OK provided you're not putting rounds through other houses, etc
    The restaurant owner told me 3/4 of the people in town
    reload there own ammo. And everyone shoots.

    As soon as I'm working again (inside of 2 months... for the hospital), I'm
    paying cash for this property. 4 years till social security. Then with Marys and
    mine (with no mortgage or other bills (cars are new and paid for), we'll move.
    It's about an hour south west of Ruidoso NM.

    Here is a slide show with me turning around 360, about 4 miles from the property
    so you can see the vegetation type.
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    NE Utah
    Good looking country.

    What's the water source for culinary? Any lakes or rivers (creeks) nearby?

    Nearest Walmart or large building supply?

  3. River into town much of the year. Potable water is from 1500 ft well that keeps 3 large tanks at different elevations full.
  4. I spent 1 year in this town, 30 years ago doing construction. Liked it then, like it more now.
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    That's Gorgeous!.... My thoughts and prayers for this working out for you.
  6. Thanks Bull! I could buy it for cash now buy selling some stocks I had set aside to retire with... and will. But have to work 4 more years to get SS and wnat to be able to put money back into investments until I do retire. Month or two and I'll be working and buy over there.
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    NE Utah
    Sounds good. Grocery store in town? There are two small places 30 miles out from here that grocery shop here, or 40 miles the other way, over the passes. Both have small shops with milk and bread, basic but expensive stuff.

    Regardless, it does look like home.:)
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    That's really cool.
  9. Used to be a grocery store... became the library and then a home. At this moment, nearest store is 19 miles. But, they are in the building stages right now of a new store and for the first time, a gas station. Will be an unmanned station with card readers.
    There are 3 small restaurants. A sub shop, a small pizza place and a new fairly nice fancy restaurant (which happens to be the least expensive and best of the three).
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    NE Utah
    That's odd. Resort nearby? On the way to somewhere? 380 people can't usually support one restaurant, much less three.

    Still sounds pretty darned nice.:)
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    It's beautiful! Fingers crossed for you
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    I've got 3 years to retirement - you mind having another member as a neighbor? Compared to where I am right now, this sound like a small piece of heaven - and for less than 80K!!??
  13. Originally, the towns owner (dead and broke) wanted it to be a resort retirement community.
    Built golf course, roads, put in water lines etc. Was spending faster than he was selling property back then. Brought in "time share" folks (against the advice of many) to sell lots.
    They made promises and sold land, took the money and ran.

    A few years later, people that had bought from the time share folks tried to make use of the lies the time share folks had told them and ended up suing the owner. Hence, broke. ALL property in the town is now owned by private owners, many of which will never be able to build. Much of the town is on .4 to .8 acre lots. 4 yrs after the owners death (about 20 yrs ago), the State changed the codes regarding septic leech lines, requiring a minimum of .9 acres. Many that have smaller lots would have to do title searches to find the owners of lots next to them and buy those to have enough land to build on. Most think it too difficult or no longer have enough cash. That would be more than I want or could afford to pay cash for, and I want no mortgage.

    So the trick is to buy a 3, 4, or 5 lot property from someone who never used it. Or to buy a property that had a house on it prior to the code change which is "grand-fathered" in.

    Many of the properties there are a mile or two from the closest neighbor for the above reasons, and it suits me fine. Only thing I want to hear is birds, wind, and my own shooting! lol Center of town is 2 or 3 miles from any of the properties I’ve chosen as candidates.

    There are also some 25 acre pieces with BRAND NEW HOMES, that sit unfinished as they were started in 2008 when the economy tanked. One of them has 11,000 ft of buildings (VERY luxury house and out buildings) that is all dried in but was never sheet rocked etc.
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    I envy you for sure! What a place to spend your retirement years for sure. Does your place have utilities or are you off the grid there? I may want to add to that town's population. How far away are medical facilities in the event of an emergency? Really curious!
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    Nice! Hope it all works out!
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    Nice Ex. Way to go.
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    Congrats. Sounds great.
    When I retired I wanted to move back to N. Carolina, and get out of this stinking State and City. The wife wouldn't budge. So here I sit.
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    It sounds like you found a really nice retirement place. Congratulations on finding it. There is something about the South West that I like.
  19. Water, power, phone avail to all of town. All of town can get all EL Paso stations via antennae on the roof.

    DSL is avail in the entire southern 2/3 rds of town. Closest Med is 20 miles up the canyon to the community med center, or 70 mins to one of two towns with full surgery. Closer if Heli emergency. Either is only 20 miles line of site but you know how mountain roads go.
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    You're going to leave gun friendly Arizona to retire in gun hating New Mexico...?

    Why For?