New Red Dot and a question

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    Wife and I went "grocery" shopping today at walmart... after the groceries.. she had to go to pharmacy.. so I snuck to the sporting goods.. and promptly snuck a red dot in the cart!

    Installed it tonight.. going to try it saturday...

    tried the carbine last sunday for the first time.. got stove pipes and FTF's with all three mags... adjusted mags tonight (feedlips) so hopefully it will shoot better...


    saw some pics of other carbines with the red dot and was wondering... should i take off the front sights? or leave em on?

    it seems its 50/50 on what you all do with em.. the red dot is right above the sight so it seems ok... plus the rifle looks cooler with the front sights still up lol

    here is a couple of pics of my 995 all cleaned up and ready to shoot!


  2. DrGonzo

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    I moved the front sight back to be flush with the ATI stock, and then removed the top portion of the sight. I want to be able to reattach the iron sights easily, so I left the front sight base intact, and it looks kinda cool. The whole sight didn't interfere with the reddot, but it didn't serve a purpose either. I just don't want to mess around with orienting the front sight base, so I'm leaving it as is.


  3. front sight holds the heat shield in place. Kinda of "ghetto" but that's that. Unless you get the ATI stock or wait for the new stock, looks like it's there to stay :/