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  1. Anyone out there have the latest reloading manuals? Specificly I am looking for data for the 460 S&W magnum, and don't want to order new books just to find that it is not included.
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    don't waste your money on the newest lyman or lee manual, the 460 s&w is NOT listed in them

  3. Sorry Dont have it in mine. I have one on the way I will look in that one when I get it.
  4. Yup, didn't see the data in my Lee book either.

    I bet the Hornady book has it since they make the bullets for the 460xvr.
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    I have the information for it in the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading Seventh Edition. It only gives info for two different grain bullets (240 & 300).
    PM me with the powder you use and I will send you the information.
  6. Thanks guys, thats what I needed to know. Stryker, when you get yours, if the 460 is listed, I would appreciate a note.

    Thanks again
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  8. Been there, thats where I got my current data, But I am always looking for more.......
  9. Sure will buddy. I will check with my friends to see what they have on it.
  10. Thanks for the links, the first I have seen, but the second was new to me. Thank you....
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    Hey Drillin,
    You can shoot .454 Casull and .45 Long Colt out of your 460.
  12. Drilln: Got another manual. It is the Hornady 7th edition.

    There are some loads in there. Email me for the details.