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  1. Thinking about building a new AR platform, just want some input/suggestions. A friend is offering me $650 for my current rifle (DelTon DT Sport, full magpul MOE, BUIS, UTG red dot). I want to use that money to upgrade to a better system, but still keep it under $1k.

    Here's what I'm thinking of going with...

    PSA 16" M4 premium Chrome-Moly barrel, 1x7 $379

    Spike's Tactical stripped lower ($80 from local gun store)

    PSA lower kit $130

    Spike's battle trigger $60

    Spike's ST-T2 heavy buffer $38

    Accessories to include a Magpul handguard ($25), Blue Force Gear VCAS, SureFire G2X Tactical on a Magpul Rail Light Mount, Magpul BUIS, BAD lever, Vortex Strikefire ($100) red dot, and a YHM Phantom aggressive muzzle brake. I already have all accessories except the red dot, going to pick it up this week, and the handguard.

    The total comes to around $800 without taxes or shipping, so I still have some room to play with. What do you think?
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    if its what you want, do it.

  3. Dagwood

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    I have never tried to build an AR. Actually, so far my experience with the AR platform is that they are like fussy children. You have to baby them. They are picky eaters as well. I like the high power and the accuracy, but I have alot more fun shooting my hp's and pcc's. But, I realize that's just one mans opinion. I am sure there is nothing like the satisfaction of building a precision rifle and taking it out and shooting it for the first time and saying "man, I built that".
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    Did yoi thought about building the upper from scratch? Thats what doing for my wife AR all im missing is the barrel gas block and rail so far i spent about 500$ for a PSA lower with complete LPK upper stripped with upper kit HPI tested BCG charging handle and butstock kit

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  5. bscar

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    a .223/5.56 is high powered? Compared to what, a .22lr?
  6. Dagwood

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    Well bscar, it is a rifle caliber versus a pistol caliber. I don't really have anything else to compare it to. I don't hunt, I just like plinking. What would you suggest, that you consider high power, that I can actually afford the ammo for?
  7. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    If you're up for a build, then there's a couple aftermarket stocks you can replace, the Archangel is what I'm planning on getting someday. Gonna paint it some funky color(s) to let everyone know it's mine.
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  9. Unless the caliber starts with 20mm or more, it isn't high power. It must take 2 strong men to move it, if it is mounted on wheels. Or 2 strong men and boy to move it, if it is mounted on skids.

    If you add $ into the factor, 9mm pistol would be.
  10. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Theres a guy on my local armlist selling mosins for 150.00. I was also thinking about an ak or an sks. I'll save it for another thread, I don't wanna hi jack disturbedones thread.
  11. undeRGRound

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    ARs are cool :cool:
    Use mil-surp M855 ammo, over 3000 fps and more range, equal penetration
    to a 7.62x39, and more accurate. You can carry an a$$-load of P-Mags loaded
    up and ready to go quite easily. Certain loadings on the heavier end will deliver a
    good punch well past the good shooter's range. I read an article where a 77 grain
    bullet was accurate and deadly at 920 yards. Figure out what you want to do
    and see if the AR-15 in 5.56 can do it!

    I have 2 ARs and might convert one to a longer barrel, (both 16" atm) or buy
    another one with a 20" barrel or even a varminter 24" like my future "outlaw" has :D (new shooting buddy)

    Be honest with yourself about your goals, and then see what fits best.
    5.56 is more versatile than many people think. If I need more raw power,
    I'll just bring out my Savage 110 in 270W :D Still over 3000 FPS and nearly
    4000 ft/# Muzzle Energy! Exceeds a Mosin :D ;) Quite Handily, and it's modern!
  12. Drinva

    Drinva meandmy45 Member

    If you can get close to that 1K, I'd surely change a few things.... for that kinda $$, I built this:

    Rock River Arms lower
    CMMG lower kit
    Mil-Spec Buffer and rear stock (cant remember maker)
    Magpul front stock
    Daniel Defense M4 upper cold hammer forged chrome lined
    Spikes Nickel Boron complete bolt carrier group
    Magpul rear flip up sight

    Ended up being the tightest AR I've held or built. I can touch holes with it, amazingly accurate. Brownells has the upper on sale right now for something like $406? +/-


  13. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    You gonna paint yours or leave it black?
  14. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I leave mine natural. When I look for a used gun, a customized gun is turn off. It is what the last owner liked. I'd rather leave it stock. If I want a green-tan-fde-yellow gun, I'd buy a factory model? I painted a ATI 995 stock once, it never did cure & pealed off.
  15. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    sounds like improper prep work to me. im just the opposite, i like to customize, so they arent ''just like everyone else's''.
  16. forgotenpast

    forgotenpast Member

    Better late then never

    grand total 865.40 (would have been much cheaper but the wife gets what the wife wants)

    extra scope i had laying around

    Scope rings 40.00

    cheaper then dirt
    BCG 129.97
    charging handle 17.97
    shipping 13.76
    Total 161.70

    palmeto state armory
    blem upper 39.99
    Lower build kit 79.99
    2 IMI magazines 15.98
    Anderson Lower 49.99
    shipping 21.00
    Total 206.95

    Scotts tactical supply
    barrel 189.29
    shipping 10.00
    Total 199.29

    Surplus ammo
    low pro steel gas block 21.99
    gas tube/roll pin 10.49
    upper reciever kit 34.99
    YHM free float forarm 109.99
    Total 177.46

    muzzle break 80.00

  17. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    That barrel is Bad [email protected]#!! The muzzle brake is mean lookin! Nice build! How does she run?
  18. forgotenpast

    forgotenpast Member

    3/4inch at 100 yards with cheapo ammo, have not built up an accuracy load yet