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    I like accuracy and would like something that shoots good out to about 250 yards (length of the range and as far as I will probably shoot). The other thing is I would like it to not be too expensive to shoot. I already have a Remington 600 in .308 and it kills my shoulder. My wife has an old .243 that I haven't even seen and didn't know her grandfather gave her until I said something about getting a new rifle.

    Is there a rifle out there that is inexpensive, inexpensive to shoot, and accurate? Maybe I should add that I would like it to clean itself and carry itself to and from my truck when I go to the range. :lol:
  2. 45Man

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    Not any more and none that meet your range requirements. If you haven't noticed, recently, all rifle ammo is very expensive. Even 22 rimfire has increased 50% in the last year.

    I would work on making the Rem 600 more confortable to shoot, i.e. shock absorbing shoulder pads, cushioned butt plate, etc. You won't spend as much money on ammo because of the bolt action and the recoil. Try the .243 and see if you like it.

  3. Please don't laugh by this suggestion, but have you considered a Mosin 91/30?
    1. They are very cheap.
    2. They are very cheap to shoot.
    3. While not known for accuracy, there are things you can do to dial your gun in and make it pretty accurate.
    4. The power would be fine at 250 yards.
    5. It is scopable or open sights.

    I know a ton of guys on here have Mosins and love them. I got mine last month and will be able to get to the range as soon as the snow melts.
  4. Ari

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    Well define cheap? The .223 shoots cheap and shoots flat. The one I want to play with is the 5.45x39. I wish I could find a bolt action to shoot that. It would be real flat......
  5. MSCHU24

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    Cheap might not be the right word. More like not going to break the bank for the rifle and the cheaper the ammo the better as long as it stays accurate. The main reason I like shooting .22lr is because it is so cheap. I can have more fun if I don't have to think that every shot is costing me $1+.

    .223 is what I had originally thought of but was wondering if there is something cheaper that is accurate also.

    Would the .223 be large enough for deer hunting? I would like to possibly have the option for my kids to use to hunt with when they get old enough. Or maybe I should keep the family tradition of getting their butt kicked by the .308. It was my first hunting rifle and also my dad's first hunting rifle. :)
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    22-250 and 223 ammo can be picked up in bulk packs fairly reasonable. however it depends on what your trying to do at long yardage, shooting prairie dogs, target, predators, and the like it would work fine. The only thing you should keep in mind is that these small calibers are accurate BUT they will drift with wind easier than a larger, heavier bullet. You have a 308, and a 243 which are excellent calibers for the range you are shooting. The only other thing you need to consider is just how accurate do you want to be and if you guns can do it. If you want to buy something new (hey, why not right?) and have a gun that you can build upon, a remington 700 based or savage (accutrigger preferrably) would be good choices (heavy barrel if you can). They can be had cheap and there are tons of aftermarket stocks, barrels, triggers, etc. there are other good guns out there but these are considered "standard" in what you want to do. My main gun for shooting rodents at long distance and the occasional paper is a .243 Howa, and its all kinds of stuff I put together. I had a little over 1000 bucks in it between glass, bipod, stock, and all that BS but you can do something cheaper. If you want to have fun shooting buy something that is accurate. a random shooting gun will piss you off. I reload for most of my rifles now and it really helps the money thing. Look around, do some research, pretty much any caliber between a 243 and 30-06 would work well for you.

    BTW spend the money on a scope. I used to brag about how much stuff I killed with my $70-$80 glass, haha, I'll never go back. even $200 will get you a much nicer scope on.

    here is a good place to learn about target shooting, with accuracy in mind.
  8. Have you ever considered going with an SKS? It is a cheap, accurate gun that is a .30 caliber. They are really fun to shoot and a cheap to feed.
  9. Ari

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    CZ makes a real nice bolt action in 7.62x39 and price is not to bad..

  10. cd

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    just to brag on my friend's behalf, he got 3 deer this year with a 308 all over 200yds and all head shots, gotta say thats pretty cool.
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    if you want it for deer check your state laws and/or with division of wild life for recommendations and the laws for any state you want to hunt in. I always hear about out-of-staters (no offense) where they have smaller "big game" and small calibers are ok, coming to Colorado to hunt mulies or even elk with a caliber thats much too small like .223 (bull elk would giggle at you ). as for a cheaper rifle with less recoil and inexpensive ammo to shoot i like my back up deer rifle, it is a old marlin lever action 30-30 I wouldn't go to 250yds with it but 150yds is reasonable and it's very light to pack through the woods (think of your kids here, I've carried a target barreled rifle hunting before BIG MISTAKE!!) now for 250yds I've used both the .243 or 6mm rem they would be great for the range and have "lesser" recoil. another option is reloading you could work up a nice load for your 308 with a lighter bullet and minimum powder for target/plinking to save your shoulder but go with the full powered stuff for the hunt just remember to sight in before the hunt with the load you will use. thats what I do with my 30-06