New Rock Island Match 1911

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  1. Just got the latest Centerfire Sytems sale paper in the mail. They now have a Rock Island Match 1911.

    Detailed Description
    Mfg. by Armscor in the Philippines
    Rock Island 1911
    .45ACP caliber
    Single action
    6" match-grade polished stainless barrel
    Includes (1) 8rd mag
    Checkered wood grips
    Fine checkering in frame on trigger guard and handgrip
    Padded carry case
    Cast 4140 steel construction frame
    Tactical skeletonized trigger and hammer
    Tactical fully adjustable rear sight
    Tactical fiber optic front sight with adjustable windage
    Tactical-type safety lever
    Hammer guard (beavertail) on backstrap is longer to help keep hammer from pinching hand between the thumb and forefinger.

    A bit more expensive than the regular RIA 1911's but interesting.
  2. Wow, not bad, a match grade at $700. The fit has seemed to be pretty darned decent from the examples of normal milspec i've seen in the past so this matchgrade should prove to be pretty nice. Wonder if it has a ramped barrel or not. Doubt it if it doesnt say, but that would be the icing on the cake for a $700 match grade

  3. I normally like and reccomend RIA 1911's as a good entry level 1911.
    I do not like this one though, fiber optic front sight, cast frame, etc for $700.

    It's like RIA is trying to be something that they are not. Just my personal opinion but they should be who they really are, manufacturers of a decent 1911 that is plain and functional.

    RIA, Please stay plain, functional, affordable and with looser tolerances. You have a winning package for plinking, informal target shooting and Self Defense, you have design features that saw alot of action and worked. Let's keep it basic with better sights (not fiber optic) perhaps but that's about all.
    Please, If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  4. Well its not like they dropped their GIs for these.

    Still seems kind of pricy though. I wanted a RIA tactical, could never find one I thought was worth the money, ended up getting a Taurus PT1911 instead, and have nothing but good to say.
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    The only things i liked on the match was the beavertail, hammer, trigger, and ambi-safety... wish i could get all those parts in SS, and buff 'em up to a mirror like shine... for my RIA 1911
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    You can...
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  8. Most 1911 parts are drop in, like the ambi saftey and other parts you mentioned. The finish is a different story, that would have to be professionally done.