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  1. Krippp

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    just bought a new s&w .40 sigma today for 269.00. gun was bought at xmas, never fired and traded in last week on a shotgun, dealer gave me a deal i couldn't refuse. i had the hi-point 40 on the counter ready to buy for 169 until he showed me this sigma for 269 with 1 month of free range time.[​IMG][/img]
  2. Man oh golly - good for you! Lots of Sigma folks around here and they like their Sigmas. That'll make a sweet carry piece too I suspect. Congrats!

  3. Krippp

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    started using the free range time as soon as the transaction was finished and loved this gun, heard about the hard trigger but i actually love it and this is going to be my full time carry gun. must give props to my wife though, she found it in the store, pointed it out, negotiated the price and told me i was a fool if i chose the hp .40 over the sigma for only a $95 difference
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    :lol: gotta love those women most of the time,,, and we won't go there :wink:
    ... but sweat deal on a Nice Pistol.. Just wish we had it like that out here in Vegas..
  5. I have the S&W 9VE (Sigma 9mm) and its been a great pistol so far. Trigger is a bit heavy but its not designed to be a bullseye shooter so I dont mind the trigger at all. In fact the heavy trigger is kinda a blessing to me because of nerve damage in my trigger finger anything with a light trigger is somewhat unsafe for me to shoot these days.

    Now look into a Fobus Paddle holster and you will be set. I find the full size 9VE conceals very well on my 5'10" 175# body when using the Fobus paddle holster.

    Oh yeah... Congrats on the Sigma purchase! Did they toss in the $50 rebate and 2 free mag deal from S&W or was that already used up by the guy who originally purchased the pistol? If he never sent the paperwork in you should still qualify for the offer, its good till Jan 31, 08 so check with the dealer or give S&W a call.
  6. Ari

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  7. Congrats, I picked up the same gun today. If you dont know about about the 50 dollar rebate and the 2 free mags make sure you look into it.
  8. Gotta love a deal like that! Sweet looking pistol man.


    Wish my wife was like that.... :roll:
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    I love my Sigma 40VE it has been 100% reliable. I got the 15 round magazine from Smith so my Sigma is 15+1 now. 8)
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    Have both the 9VE and a black slide 40VE. Great pistols. You'll be spending a lot of bills on ammo for that 40S&W. It's one of the most fun pistols around as well as affordable. Also fits any holster that will handle a Glock of the same barrel length.

    Welcome to the Sigma Club.... ? ?? 8)
  11. Very Nice!!! Cant go wrong with a S&W.