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Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by x3benny, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. x3benny

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    Im new to gun owning and iv got a hi-point 9mm and just got a S&W SD.40VE and there no safety on it whys that? could someone explain it.
  2. BFH

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    Typically handguns without a safety rely on a stiff and/or long trigger pull to prevent a accidental discharge.

    With a defense pistol the simpler and quicker it is to use, is better. Forgetting to switch off the safety in a defensive situation could be the difference in life or death.

  3. greg_r

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    My brother has the SD40VE. It is serving him well. The safety is in the trigger. It has a hinged trigger, the bottom part has to be pulled fully rearward to fire. If memory serves it does not have a magazine safety so you can see what I'm talking about by taking an EMPTY gun sans the magazine and pulling the trigger without engaging the bottom part of the trigger. It will not pull. It also has a fairly stiff "self defense" trigger. Regardless, it will not fire unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear
  4. jim417

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    The SD stands for self defense. In theory you do not want to have to mess with disengaging the safety in a self defense situation. The trigger pull is a little over 8 lbs, but still isn't that bad IMO. I have the SD9VE and it shoots great, just have to be conscientious of there being no safety.
  5. GKC

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    I have a SD9VE, which is designed similar to a Glock, both of which have no external safety. As has been mentioned, the trigger pull is heavier on the SDVE series pistols than on many other polymer guns, specifically to help prevent a negligent discharge.

    Many people don't like safeties on carry guns...for example, S&W just introduced a model of the Shield without a safety, in response to complaints that the safety was too small and hard to manipulate under stress. Personally, if I didn't want to use a safety on a gun so equipped, I'd just not engage it, but there are those who are concerned that it might be accidentally engaged, and thus hamper their ability to use the gun in a moment of urgent need.

    I do prefer a heavier trigger on a gun with no external safety...or, if a gun has a light trigger pull, I do want at least a thumb safety. I like 1911s because they have both a thumb and grip safety to offset a light trigger pull.
  6. I have a M&P 40c it too has no safety except for the long trigger. It will fire with the Mag out so common sense prevails.
  7. Hipointer

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    I'm with you, I prefer not to have a safety on a pistol either. I have the older model S&W, the SW40VE, and it runs great.
  8. I have Apex Triggers in 12 out of 16 of my M&Ps and none of them have an external safety. You keep your booger hook off the trigger. My CC gun has a 3.2lb trigger pull. :)
  9. planosteve

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    I don't like safeties on the pistols I have so none of them, except the MKII which needs one as it is a single action.
  10. x3benny

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    just got a ruger 45 and the safety's it on both side
  11. Dagwood

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    Dang benny! Go on with ur bad self! Im proud of you for starting new threads.
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    Thanks try to be apart of the forms as much as possible.:D
  13. x3benny

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    Btw thanks for all the info guys it really helped, i extra careful with my gun and lock'em up i've got kids. want to just see why most guns didn't have safeties. there's a lot of good reason's why not. myself i only go shooting at range so a safety its a problem with me, im not running around in any dangerous situations for it to impact me lol... again ty all

    Sincerely, Benny
  14. ArmyScout

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    I am going to disagree with most. I would not have a firearm with out a safety. The SA DA firearm with no safety, can be easily cocked by any young person and the trigger pull on the SA is well within their hand strength. All this big talk about a gun fight is just that. 99.99% of the members on this forum will never be engaged in a gun fight.
  15. x3benny

    x3benny Benny Member

    and thats why i was asking iv got kid in the house so i lock'em right after going to the range n Cleaning Em... my Ruger SD45 has a safety on both side and i like it better.
  16. GKC

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    The first and most important safety of any firearm is between the owner's ears. Responsible owners will secure their firearms depending on conditions...for example, our kids are grown and gone. Only our youngest has children, but when they visit with our grandchildren (boy is 5, girl is 2 months) I lock my handguns in the safe unloaded with magazines out, and magazines and ammo stored elsewhere. My gun safe is in a closet that has a locking door as well.

    I personally don't see the need for a safety on a handgun like the SDVE series, since it has a heavy trigger. Revolvers don't have safeties...well, there may be a rare revolver that does have one, but I can't name one. I don't see the need for a safety on a DA/SA handgun with a decocker (like a SIG P229, for example) since the DA pull is sufficiently heavy to prevent an ND.

    However, there are options that will accommodate almost anyone's preferences. Choose those which fit your preferences.
  17. SPRAWL

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    I got one and its a dog. Even after the trigger mod, it shoots like hot dog doo. One area our cheapo sat night special Hi-Point shines, they shoot nice (when they aren't broken or jamming that is).
  18. I have no problem with firearms without a safety for myself, it is the people with no safety between the ears that bothers me.