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  1. Turkey season is right around the corner, and I figured it's about time I stopped using my grandfather's old Savage 24 22LR/20ga O/U. I stopped by the local shop and picked up a Franchi Superange for $165. Unfortunately the bolt had an issue with unlocking after it fired.... grrr... Luckily the owner of the shop is a great guy who took the gun back and gave me my money. I grabbed an Ithaca 37 off the rack, and I have to say, it is a sweet damn gun. It only take 2 3/4" shells, and it needs to be reblued in a few spots, but for $175 it's a damn fine shotgun. I'm not sure about the polychoke, anyone have experience with them?

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    Cool... Something about shotguns that are cool

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    most guys i know replaced them with aftermarket extended, fixed chokes instead of the adjustable. They would adjust themselves in the field on occasion. I had a JC higgins pump (stevens knockoff sold through sears & roebuck) that did the same thing. Use some tape on the outside to hold it in place after you pick you choke setting.

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    I had a polychoke on a shotgun for awhile. Can't say I loved it or hated it. Truth is, I would set it for the type of hunting I was doing at the time and pretty much forget about it. However, I did have it adjust on it's own a couple of times. In my opinion, it's a nice idea but is only practical if you are drastically changing the guns use on a very regular basis.